The Kickstarter For Cerebus Archive Number One Begins – And Gets Nine Times Its Goal Already

8361c30d73aa537bd81b1f61e4f32ec1_largeDave Sim is arguably the greatest comic book creator of the twentieth century.

Or at least I'm very happy to argue it.

And he is is beginning the project we reported on a few days ago. The Cerebus Archive, recreating all available original art from the Cerebus archive, ten pages at a time, over a hundred years.

Which means he may be the greatest comics publisher of the twenty-second century.

But we start with the very first volume. Ten pages from early issues. And with a modest goal of $800 on Kickstarter, already at $7,000.

And the money is needed. Sim writes,

Bottom line, we had a thoroughly botched (George and Sean are still working actively to "unbotch" it) restoration of the CEREBUS and HIGH SOCIETY volumes and now have to pay off the printer to get back to Square One.  Around $15,000 to $20,000 depending on what they'll settle for. So, the not-so-good news is even if everyone who has reserved a number actually participates, once you deduct all of the expenses, the 114 copies will pay only about one quarter of the printing bill.

So… who's in?

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