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Jack Kirby Original Captain America Art Sells For $630,000
But clearly, the splash page, heralding the return to Marvel Comics of Captain America, after he had originally been created in support of the USA joining World War II, was the jewel in the crown. Jack Kirby Original Captain America Art Page Sells For $630,000 Jack Kirby and Chic Stone Tales of Suspense #59 Captain America Splash Page 1[...]
Frank Miller's Black Widow Original Art – Daredevil #187 At Auction
It is currently listed at only $12,500 from Heritage Auction and will go under the hammer from the 18th of November to the 21st. Frank Miller and Klaus Janson Daredevil #187 Story Page 5 Original Art (Marvel, 1982). From the issue with the first appearance of the Black Widow's "grey costume and short hair" look, we bring you the[...]
John Romita Sr
What a novelty! And it was John Romita Sr who painted the cover, meant to be Stan Lee at the typewriter… the original art for the cover is currently at Heritage Auctions, going under the hammer between the 18th and the 21st of November and currently has bids of $67,000 and is part of a[...]
John Romita Sr
His Conan work has always been in demand but the cover to Conan #15 being auctioned by Heritage Auctions, going under the hammer from the 18th to the 21st of November, is already looking to break records after it has received bids of $120,000 so far… it is bound to inspire other collectors to check[...]
Own a Charlie Adlard “The Walking Dead” Original Today
Right now, fans can head over to Heritage Auctions to bid for a sketch cover of The Walking Dead #115 with original artwork by longtime series artist Charlie Adlard. Charlie Adlard The Walking Dead #115 Blank Cover Sketch Variant Michonne Original Art Credit: Heritage Charlie Adlard The Walking Dead #115 Blank Cover Sketch Variant Michonne Original Art (Image, 2013) Condition:[...]
Bernie Wrightson Original Captain Sternn Artwork Hits Auction
Check it out here! Bernie Wrightson Captain Sternn and the Space Pirates Illustration Original Art Credit: Heritage Auctions Bernie Wrightson Captain Sternn and the Space Pirates Illustration Original Art (undated). The origins of Bernie Wrightson's character Captain Sternn were detailed in Christopher Zavisa's book Berni Wrightson: A Look Back It says, "Inspired by 'Star Wars,' Wrightson set out[...]
Dale Keown Hulk and Wolverine Original Artwork at Auction
Such as three pages from Dale Keown from across his career at Marvel Comics, the original pencils to his cover to his Hulk: The End series in 2002, a page from his 1992 Incredible Hulk run, and a more recent Wolverine cover from Weapon X in 2017. Dale Keown Incredible Hulk: The End #1 Cover Original Art (Marvel,[...]
Buy Yanick Paquette, Humberto Ramos, Leinil Yu Original Art For Cheap
And both will have fewer nipples, combined. Yanick Paquette, Original Art For Cheap Yanick Paquette and Michel Lacombe Warrior Nun Areala: Rheintöchter Splash Page 3 Original Art (Antarctic Press, 1997). Title splash page from the first issue of the miniseries featuring the Warrior Nun that recently appeared in the popular live-action Netflix series based on the acclaimed independent comic[...]
Barry Windsor-Smith Conan Page, Auctioning For $52,500, One Day To Go
Heritage Auctions, as part of their Sunday & Monday Comics, Animation, Video Games & Art Weekly Online Auction #122101 are auctioning off the original artwork from back in the day when he went by Barry Smith. And it's currently bid up to over $50,000 with one day to go And no, I won't be bidding above that,[...]
Gene Colan Wonder Woman Original Art Going For A Song
And right now some of his original artwork for his run on Wonder Woman from 1982 and 1983 is up for auction at, frankly, ridiculously low prices The period around Christmas and New Year, especially in these pandemic times, can be an opportunity to pick up a bargain and these pages listed by Heritage Auctions[...]
Not Brand Echh #4 Cover By Marie Severin On Auction At Heritage
Credit Heritage Auctions. Not Brand Echh Marvel Covers Were The Best "Marie Severin Not Brand ECHH! #4 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1967). "The Bad Guys Win!" A wonderful poke-in-the-eye from the demented talent of Marie Severin! Severin honed her skills at EC Comics in the 1950s, working with the Usual Gang of Idiots during the heyday of MAD magazine[...]
Full Original Art for Alan Moore & Kevin Nowlan Jack B Quick Auction
The character was a child genus living in small-town USA (literally) with his various inventions and challenges to conventional physics, causing all manner of frustration for his parents and townsfolk. And right now, Heritage Auctions has the original art for the entire first Jack B Quick story, eight pages worth, up and it's only at $2,200[...]
This shot of Spawn with the image of Malebolgia in the skyline (drawn by Mychaels) is the first time McFarlane collaborated with another artist on the character. The Earliest Todd McFarlane Spawn Original Art Ever Sold – Just About. This is the only piece of original McFarlane Spawn art ever to be sold from 1992, the year[...]
Craig Yoe Auction
The auction runs until June 9. Original art by Craig Yoe for Hi De Ho How You Can Help The protests against police brutality now span the entire globe and there are many ways you can get involved You can go out and peacefully protest if you want You can also donate to numerous organizations that are doing[...]