The Thirteenth Doctor Will Make Her Second Appearance in May

At Christmas, the Doctor regenerated. She is now to be played by Jodie Whittaker in the upcoming Doctor Who TV series. We got a very brief glimpse of her, and two words, 'Oh Brilliant'.

Her next words, however, may be seen in a speech balloon. Because the Thirteenth Doctor will make her net appearance in a comic book. And a free one at that. The Doctor Who Comic Book from Titan Comics, out on Free Comic Book Day, May the 5th, 2018 at any of the thousands of participating comic book stores….

The Thirteenth Doctor Will Make Her Second Appearance in May

Here's the updated solicitation.

(W) Nick Abadzis, John Freeman, George Mann, Jody Houser (A) Giorgia Sposito, Arianna Florean, Christopher Jones, Mariano Laclaustra, Rachael Stott (CA) Photo
Join the Doctor on May 5 for a free and new-reader-friendly tour through the Doctor's many incarnations, packed with action, heart, and adventure, and tales that tease 2018's epic journey!
Artist and dreamer Gabby Gonzalez has long travelled with the Tenth Doctor, but her latest adventure may be her last – unless the Doctor can break every law of time!
The Seventh Doctor and Ace test their mettle against a planetary invasion! Leads into the new Seventh Doctor series, "Operation Volcano," launching in June!
The Eleventh Doctor follows his Time Lord tastebuds into an all-night diner, for madcap meals and unorthodox diplomacy!
o A complete reader's guide to the Doctor Who comics collections!
o The first appearance in Titan Comics by the Thirteenth Doctor, written and drawn by her new creative team!

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