The Unmasking Of Frank Miller As Rorschach (Spoilers)

Today sees a new, eagerly awaited comic by Tom King and Jorge Fornes, Rorschach #8, the latest issue of gthe unauthorised sequel to Watchmen. The previous issue made the extraordinary twist of having Frank Miller be the new Rorschach, which plays out in another unexpected fashion.

Unmasking Frank Miller As Rorschach (Spoilers)

Looks like Frank Miller has been learning his lines.And the poiliceman boiught one of those promotional watches from back in the day as well.

Unmasking Frank Miller As Rorschach (Spoilers)

Or maybe he watched the film.

Well, our Frank Miller did like early advances of Watchmen so much that he changed the final two issues of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns to reflect it. Although in this reality, there was no Watchmen comic, Miller created The Dark Fife Returns and it was the events of Watchmen that affected how that comic played out.

Unmasking Frank Miller (Spoilers)

It also acknowledged the HBO Watchmen as well, even though the events of the TV series don't seem to have impacted on the Rorschach comic book. But this is also all part of an intriguing storytelling structure that takes the three tiers of classic Watchmen, and breaks them up into boxes of words and text that change the storytelling direction of the pages, as well as separating three different narratives, counterpointing their similiarities and separations, as well as playing with the reader's expectation of time. The page with the cups of water especially.

The Unmasking Of Frank Miller (Spoilers)

Refelcted with the cover, this issue or Rorschach will be taken apart and placed back together by scholars for some time, in a similar fashion to Watchmen #5 which it draws from.

Unmasking Frank Miller As Rorschach (Spoilers)

Oh yes and we get the return of POW from his Batman run as well…

(W) Tom King (A/CA) Jorge Fornes
As the detective digs deeper into the mystery behind Rorschach and his sidekick, the story becomes about not what they wanted to do but why they started on their murderous path. As more witnesses emerge, the stranger Laura's history is revealed to be. Tough times made her want to kill a presidential candidate, and she did a lot of damage herself when fighting back.
Retail: $4.99

I bought my copy from Piranha Comics in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Piranha Comics is a small south London comic store chain with a small south-east store in Kingston-Upon Thames's market centre, and a larger south-west store in Bromley, with an extensive back issue collection and online store. With a new store planned for Watford, if you are in the neighbourhood, check them out. 
The Unmasking Of Frank Miller As Rorschach (Spoilers)


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