Alisa Kwitney Launches Future Echoes By Al Davison And Yen Quach At Thought Bubble

The Thought Bubble Festival begins in Leeds in six days' time with the comic-con side beginning in eleven days. Bleeding Cool will be there, and there will be plenty of comic books old and new to pick up. We're going to try and take a look at some of the comics appearing for the first time at the show. If you are exhibiting at Thought Bubble and would like to preview something you are debuting there, please let us know!

One of the biggest debuts at the show is Future Echoes by Al Davison and Yen Quach and published by Luminal Comics, an imprint of BrainMill press, collects the issues of this series for the first time, and is out at Thought Bubble three months before official release.

Liminal Comics is published by Alisa Kwitney, the latest ex-Vertigo Comics editor to get an imprint to run, following Shelly Bond at Black Crown Comics and Karen Berger with Berger Books.

Harlan is a brilliant scientist who follows his own path. A man who refuses to let anyone tell him how to live just because he uses a wheelchair. He has only one passion, to prove that there is no such thing as the supernatural. He doesn't believe in ghosts anymore than he believes in love. But one night in the old Vine Mansion could change Harlan's mind… and his heart, if he survives. Because even though no one's lived in this place for over a century, he's not alone anymore.

Future Echoes will be released in 2017 in three digital chapters before being collected in print. Its first issue is out today, with subsequent issues coming on the 10th October and the 14th November, with the collection officially published on the 12th December.

Unless you go to the Liminal Comics stand at Thought Bubble in a week and-a-half. Where you can pick it up in print months ahead of release.

About Luminal Comics, Kwitney says,

When I was a kid, I loved reading the strange, thought-provoking, deftly illustrated stories in Red Circle Sorcery and Charleton's Haunted Love and Midnight Tales. Like many of the classic Twilight Zone episodes, these were often love stories—but love stories that involved outcasts, rebels and misfits. Love stories for the marginalized and alienated. Liminal Comics is a place for those kinds of love stories. It's the comics imprint of Brain Mill Press, a story-first publisher founded by two best-selling authors, and dedicated to building a catalog of stories and poetry about all facets of the human experience of love.

Here's a preview.

I'll be at Thought Bubble with fellow Bleeding Coolers, Joe Glass and Olly Macnamee. Do say hello if you see us!

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