Time-Travelling From DC Future State To Infinite Frontier (Spoilers)

Today's Future State: Superman: Worlds At War#2 from DC Comics gives us another look at how Future State is going to affect the world of Infinite Frontier. We knew that the Future State Midniughter was going to appear in the present day of Infinite Frontier, but it also ties in to just how Mister Miracle made it from the bottled Metropolis to War World, and how one time will talk to another. Justice League Dark uses The Demon's out-of-time magical nature, but Superman uses hard science-fiction.

Time-Travelling From DC Future State To Infinite Frontier (Spoilers)
Superman: Worlds At War #2 artwork

With the message received by Metropolis from Warworld being sent by the same person who it ended up transmitting across the galaxy, courtesy of some by-your-own-bootstrap logic.


Time-Travelling From DC Future State To Infinite Frontier (Spoilers)
Superman: Worlds At War #2 artwork

While the Midnighter's encounter with his earlier self, also being a self-fulfilling time travel loop.

Time-Travelling From DC Future State To Infinite Frontier (Spoilers)
Superman: Worlds At War #2 artwork

Once he'd managed to clear up that this wasn't his husband Apollo. And that indeed, his husband is Apollo in the new continuity. It was wiped away in the New 52; now it's back. Present or future? That is yet to be determined.

Time-Travelling From DC Future State To Infinite Frontier (Spoilers)

So Mister Miracle closes his own loop, and Midnighter creates one that will close one day. And for now, he comes to Infinite Frontier knowing all that is to come. And of course, Superman will be coming back… eventually.

The Fox Family In Next BatmanGot to say, that opening by Johnson and Janin is rather wonderful. Moving, poignant, informative and an expansion of knowledge. As long as the rest of the comic doesn't do anything to undermine that feeling.

The Fox Family In Next Batman

Oh, Midnighter can get away with anything when he looks that cute.

"Superman: Worlds of War" written by PHILLIP KENNEDY JOHNSON
"Superman: Worlds of War" art by MIKEL JANíN
"Midnighter" written by MICHAEL W. CONRAD and BECKY CLOONAN
"Midnighter" art by GLEB MELNIKOV
"Black Racer" written by JEREMY ADAMS
"Black Racer" art by SIYA OUM
"Mister Miracle" written by BRANDON EASTON
"Mister Miracle" art by VALENTINE DE LANDRO
cover by MIKEL JANÍN
card stock variant cover by RICCARDO FEDERICI
ON SALE 2/16/21 | $7.99 US | 64 PAGES
2 OF 2 | FC | DC
Meet the rising champion of the gladiatorial pits of Warworld: Superman! The Man of Steel is still down in the pits duking it out with Mongul's hordes and working his way up to the big boss himself. But since it's Superman, there has to be more to this than a simple determination to win the title belt, right? Yes, because he's also got Midnighter out there on a mission to chase down a dangerous new power source…but the man standing in his way is all too familiar.
Plus, the Black Racer smashes her way to freedom, and Mister Miracle, now trapped on Warworld himself, has to find his way back to the bottle city of Metropolis—and his only mode of transportation is a busted Boom Tube!

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