Today's Spider-Man #28 Gives You An Idea of How Spider-Man Will Be Reset For The Movie… (SPOILERS FOR BOTH)

Today's Spider-Man #28 sees Spider-Man, Peter Parker Industries, Mockingbird and Silver Sable and her Wild Bunch attempt to take down an entire country, whose population have been weaponised by the Green Goblin, as the country gasses its own people with the Green goblin-causing chemicals.

Basically, it's Super-Syria.

But it also gives the comic a chance to reset Spider-Man. Of late, writer Dan Slott has seen the character reinvent himself, as Peter Parker has expanded and grown Parker Industries into a multi-global corporate, and teched up Spider-Man to a character closer to Iron Man. He's been there before, but this time under his own steam.

Parker Industries is now seen as a global threat after taking privateer action into Sokovia. But what about Spider-Man himself? How will he return to the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man or old (by the way, Marvel have just registered a trademark for that phrase).

But first… can we approve of this lighting choice from artists Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger. Marte Gracia and Andres Mossa? Really gets over the blast from aeroplanes in the background by forcing their effect into the foreground.


Sweet. But it's the smackdown between Parker and Osborn that may look to the future of the series. As Norman has a trick or two up his sleeve.


Turning off his iSpider suit. The armour, the web shooters, the lot. And a piece of advice that he may be taking in the very near future. The upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming movie, judging by trailers sees a Spider-Man also choosing to reject the Tony Starked Spider-Man costume too, albeit it for very different reasons.


Could this be where the comic book and the movie meet? Spider-Men who get teched up too far and then go back to basics?

Friendly and Neighbourhood?

Spider-Man #28 is published by Marvel Comics today. Thanks to Matt for the fix.

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