Todd McFarlane Tells Bleeding Cool About Spawn Vs. Satan

Spawn258_2x3_300I noticed that the October solicitations for Spawn no longer had Paul Jenkins listed as writer.

SPAWN #258

OCTOBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / T / $2.99

Spawn returns to the one place he never thought he would see again…HELL.

Paul had replaced Brian Wood as writer on the book. And before him, it was confirmed to me by senior sources at Image that Grant Morrison was to have been the new writer to the title. I sent a message to Paul, asking what was up.

Instead, I got an answer from Spawn creator Todd McFarlane.

At this point I would like to point out that I have been a fan of Todd's work since I was a teenage and he is responsible for getting me back into comic books after I had given them up. If anyone is to take the credit and/or the blame for what I do with my life now, it is him. Sorry Todd. Anyway, he wrote,


I have returned to writing the Spawn series with Jonboy Meyers continuing on the art chores (with me handling some of the covers and doing inking from time to time). We are heading to an EPIC showdown between Al Simmons and Satan (who we have never met in this series in over 255 issues!). The four part battle with be for the final resting spot of the recently deceased Wanda Blake (the former wife of Al Simmons).

After that Jonboy and I are planning on creating a handful of new villains for the book and showing the world what it would look like if everyone knew that SPAWN existed, instead of just hiding in the shadows. That turn will lead to a new direction for Simmons as he moves forward Trying to carry out Wanda's dying wishes…which we will see soon!

A public Spawn? No longer an urban legend? Say, could we get a Spawn… Inc? But there you go. Spawn Vs. Satan. Kind of makes Batman Vs. Superman a bit old hat, doesn't it? Add a bunch of new villains, I can see why Todd might have wanted to write it himself….

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