Tom Brevoort on Marvel Two-in-One: "This Is Really a Fantastic Four Book"

Marvel Two-in-One starring The Thing and the Human Torch has finally hit stores today, and if you haven't read it yet, go and do that now, or at least go read Bleeding Cool's spoiler post about it, and this one too. Done? Okay. There will be mild spoilers below.

We won't go in depth about what's happening in this comic, but in case you had any doubt about its true purpose, Marvel's Tom Brevoort laid it all out in an interview with

"Well, make no bones about it, while this may say Marvel Two-in-One on the package, this is really a Fantastic Four book, in spirit as well as content," Brevoort said. "So yes, it's definitely a series that's about that missing element that people have been longing for within the Marvel Universe. In a very real sense, Johnny and Ben's feelings about their seemingly-departed family echo the feelings of the audience all these months. And the fact that, even though Ben thinks he's lying to Johnny we know that he's accidentally on the right track means that there's every possibility that our terrific two might inadvertently stumble over the breadcrumbs that will lead them and the rest of the Marvel Universe towards the reunion that everyone has been waiting for!"

In the past, Brevoort has lied that Marvel could publish a Fantastic Four book anytime they wanted, and it had nothing to do with Ike Perlmutter's famous grudge against Fox for owning the movie writes and decree that no Fantastic Four comics be published. Of course, things have changed a lot since then. And now, Brevoort is all but promising the return of the comic. Sure, Disney had to buy Fox for $52.4 billion dollars just so we could have a Fantastic Four comic again, but let's not worry about the details when we could finally see a senselessly forbidden fan-favorite property return to glory.

Marvel Two-in-One #1 is in stores now — hurry to your local comic shop and grab a copy before the industry goes under.

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