Are Tom King And Jason Fabok Working On A Rorschach Series For DC Comics?

Batman and Mister Miracle writer Tom King tweets about artwork for a mystery new comics project featuring a mysterious disembodied yet reanimated hand  twitching in the snow.

While Jason Fabok just tweeted snow. Is this the same project? It does give the appearance of such.

Ian Cardona posts a theory on CBR that this is a new Rorschach series by Tom King and Jason Fabok. It's a pretty damn convincing theory, given where we last saw Rorschach in the snow. And King especially is a longtime Alan Moore fanboy…


Though it could always be Pandora, from DC Universe Rebirth Special….


And we are aware of Rorschach's upcoming involvement in Doomsday Clock.

Is such a thing inevitable at this moment? If the only concern was the next quarter performance, why not a Rorschach ongoing inside the DC Universe? And if so, is it time to dig out that seventeenth issue of The Question?


Unless, of course, it's Snapper Carr…

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