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Untethered #1 Review: An Interesting Story with Plenty of Promise

Untethered #1 is a independent small press comic from Umar Ditta, Elliot Balson, Mike Maynard, and Robin Jones that centres on the tale of a genie that has found itself bound to a drunken homeless man named Frank in Edinburgh.

Untethered #1 cover by Iain Laurie and Elliot Balson

The premise itself is intriguing. The reason for the connection between the nameless genie and his new host makes for an interesting twist on the traditional genie story, but is further built upon as the story moves forward, introducing a change that alters the setup within the very first issue.

It's fun to see how the genie, who is at a loss in an entirely new situation, deals with his new location and the world around him — as well as the dark shadows setting their sights upon him.

Balson's artwork contains an increasing amount of detail and progresses the story clearly in an easy-to-follow way. The colours by Maynard help to convey the differences between the magical and the mundane in a world where the two collide.

Untethered #1 is available here!

Untethered follows Frank, a man whose favourite activity leads him to answer one of life's biggest riddles; what happens when you accidentally drink a genie? After gulping the contents of a strange vial, Frank finds himself as the new vessel for the bottle's occupant; an ancient genie. The two strike up a mutual relationship of sorts, as this is totally weird for the two of them.

However when another, far more sinister, creature appears and happens to have a vested interest in Frank and his new friend things begin to get bad for the duo.

With the creative team working on the next two parts of the three part Rule of Three storyline, Untethered looks to be an intriguing new story and is well worth checking out.

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