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THE ISSUE: Fanzines, BozCon and the Smallest Press of All

When I was researching this installment of The Issue, about The Egyptian Star: An Original Amateur Monthly, I had "The Secret Origin of Fanzines and Fandom" penciled in as the title.  That captures the spirit of the thing I suppose, but it isn't quite right. There's nothing secret about this or any of the other […]

Kickstarter Plans Big Small Press Comics Push for September

Kickstarter Wants to Promote Your Small Press Comic in September

Crowdfunding site Kickstarter wants you to submit your small press comics for a special promotion this September, coinciding with Small Press Expo. Kickstarter is sponsoring the Expo's Ignatz Awards for small press comics, and they're inviting submissions to be featured in a "Small Press Spotlight" on their website. Any small press comic or zine launched […]

Untethered #1

Untethered #1 Review: An Interesting Story with Plenty of Promise

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Untethered #1 is a independent small press comic from Umar Ditta, Elliot Balson, Mike Maynard, and Robin Jones that centres on the tale of a genie that has found itself bound to a drunken homeless man named Frank in Edinburgh. The premise itself is intriguing. The reason for the connection between the nameless genie […]

Wired Up Wrong

Wired Up Wrong Review: Best Book of the Year?

Wired Up Wrong by Rachael Smith might just be my book of the year, perhaps for the wrong reasons (I'm laughing at someone's depression!) — but since when have reasons been important? [rwp-review-recap id="0"] There's a warning at the start of this book, so I'll put a warning here: I liked this book so much, […]


Cadavers #1 Review: An Interesting And Relevant New Concept

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] One of the books I got my hands on at London Film and Comic Con was new series, Cadavers, by Mad Robot Comics, a group of writers and artists based out of a studio in Worthing. Cadavers tells the story of a group of supernatural refugees in a fictional country. Treated as second-class […]

Vanguard – British Superheroes to Save the Day!

By Joe Glass Dan Butcher, creator and artist of UK webcomic series Vanguard, has put together a collected edition of his British superheroes series. Set in the near future, Vanguard features a small team of genetically-engineered super-humans who are employed by the British government at home and abroad to protect the nation's interests. Set mainly […]

YouTuber Neil McNeil Has Just Released His First Comic

By Joe Glass If you're like me and a regular viewer of YouTube, you have probably heard and seen Neil McNeil. I personally am I fairly newish viewer to YouTube, only really paying regular attention to the increasingly influential media outlet in the last year or so (maybe I'm that cusp generation that is coming […]

Bring on the Little Terrors

By Joe Glass Little Terrors: Desiccated Youth is the first collection from creators Jon Scrivens, Brett Uren and Patrick Cline. Set in the UK in a sleepy town post-apocalypse, at first you'd think there's nothing new or original with the set up. In a comics landscape where one of the most popular and well known […]

Kingdom Bum, Six Years From Small Press To… Slightly Bigger Press

On Monday June 27th, 2011, Adam Wollett wrote on the Kingdom Bum blog, "I've got an idea — imagine Lord of the Flies, but with bums." That's how this all started. About two years ago I uttered that simple sentence to my good friend Rick Marshall. What followed turned out to be a whirlwind collaboration […]

Comic-Con International Hands APE Back To Dan Vado

Vendors at APE, the Alternative Press Expo starting toay, report that they have just signed a waiver so that the show can pass their details on to Slave Labor Graphics' Dan Vado. Why? Well, APE is a comic con founded by Dan Vado in 1994, though Comic-Con International, the owners of San Diego Comic Con […]

Help Get The Thunder Rolling For Small Press Expo

Small Press Expo, the premier small publishing comic show in the USA, is coming up September 13th and 14th in Bethesda Maryland, and each year brings out the best of art comics and indie comics to celebrate the medium and keep the comics community thriving. Tickets are always reasonable for the Expo, making it very […]

San Diego Comic Con – The Small Press And The Slow Burn

Mike Heffron writes, For the first time in a decade, I have my own small press table to sell my own comic books, my blood, sweat and tears.  But to be completely frank, I know you don't care. At Comic-Con, everyone knows it's  no longer about the sequential art. It's everything around comics: the movies, […]

Meet 2D Cloud, Purveyor of Disturbing Comics

Recent books published by 2D Cloud are not disturbing in the blood-and-guts sense that you might expect from The Walking Dead TV show, but nevertheless, they are disturbing in a modern, spare, way that builds on contrasting elements of myth, imagination, and disjointed aspects of modern life. The titles are varied, as are the styles […]

MCM Scotland Sees Small Press Comics Creators Inundated With Interest

[youtube][/youtube] Well, there's a thing. MCM run a series of comic book conventions in the UK. They are usually focused on games, film and TV, full of cosplay, with comics often as an afterthought. In London, Emma Vieceli developed its Comics Village concept which has been repeated across multiple conventions which has reached out to […]

Almost A Hundred Photos Of Small Press Booths At San Diego Comic Con 2013

It's one of the hearts and souls of San Diego Comic Con, and indeed many comic book conventions, the small press publisher's pavilion, where comic book folks, and other associated products, are making a go of it, selling their comics, their spin off items, their doodads and their dreams. Here's a series of often unposed, […]

Welcome To Thunder Brother: Soap Division

Paul Rainey has been self publishing his comics since the nineties, reaching a height of awareness with his Memory Man book. But he never got grabbed by a major publisher, whether than be Jonathan Cape or Marvel Comics. He just found new comics to write and draw. His latest is Thunder Brother: Soap Division, a comic […]