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They asked about how to become professionals. Putting the 'Small' in Small Press While there were cruder efforts for many years prior, the true beginnings of what we today would recognize as the "fanzine" era are in 1869, with the introduction of the Novelty Printing Press I've attached some catalog pics and pricing from 1875 As you[...]
Kickstarter Plans Big Small Press Comics Push for September
Crowdfunding site Kickstarter wants you to submit your small press comics for a special promotion this September, coinciding with Small Press Expo Kickstarter is sponsoring the Expo's Ignatz Awards for small press comics, and they're inviting submissions to be featured in a "Small Press Spotlight" on their website Any small press comic or zine launched[...]
Untethered #1
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Untethered #1 is a independent small press comic from Umar Ditta, Elliot Balson, Mike Maynard, and Robin Jones that centres on the tale of a genie that has found itself bound to a drunken homeless man named Frank in Edinburgh. Untethered #1 cover by Iain Laurie and Elliot Balson The premise itself is intriguing[...]
Wired Up Wrong
There's a strong vein of cartoonists running through mainstream comics now, and poaching from small press is a tried and tested method of ensuring quality periodicals I suppose this is as good a place to guiltily admit that I've not yet read Artificial Flowers (Rachael's book out on Avery Press), which would probably go a[...]
It is remarkably on point for this day and age with certain political elements talking about walls and wanting to demonise whole classes and types of people as enemies. Also, the back matter adds an intriguing element of backstory loosely hinted at in the main comic that could really lead to some interesting play later. Art by[...]
Bring on the Little Terrors
By Joe Glass Little Terrors: Desiccated Youth is the first collection from creators Jon Scrivens, Brett Uren and Patrick Cline. Set in the UK in a sleepy
Help Get The Thunder Rolling For Small Press Expo
Small Press Expo, the premier small publishing comic show in the USA, is coming up September 13th and 14th in Bethesda Maryland, and each year brings out the best of art comics and indie comics to celebrate the medium and keep the comics community thriving. Tickets are always reasonable for the Expo, making it very friendly[...]
San Diego Comic Con – The Small Press And The Slow Burn
Mike Heffron writes, For the first time in a decade, I have my own small press table to sell my own comic books, my blood, sweat and tears.  But to be completely frank, I know you don't care. At Comic-Con, everyone knows it's  no longer about the sequential art It's everything around comics: the movies, the TV[...]
MCM Scotland Sees Small Press Comics Creators Inundated With Interest
In London, Emma Vieceli developed its Comics Village concept which has been repeated across multiple conventions which has reached out to the small press, concentrated them in an area and brought in a few big names to circle them But compared to Kapow, Thought Bubble, Cardiff Comic Con and London Super Con, the big name[...]
Almost A Hundred Photos Of Small Press Booths At San Diego Comic Con 2013
It's one of the hearts and souls of San Diego Comic Con, and indeed many comic book conventions, the small press publisher's pavilion, where comic book folks, and other associated products, are making a go of it, selling their comics, their spin off items, their doodads and their dreams Here's a series of often unposed,[...]
The Very Best Comics Of San Diego Comic Con 2012
However now I come home with something much more exciting and interesting, a stack of indie comics, grabbed in the Small Press Pavilion section of the gargantuan San Diego Comic Con floor. Some of the books I grabbed on the recommendation of this very website, such as Rob Hanes Adventures, of which I picked up[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week: Caligula #6
Staff writer Keith Davidsen writes for Bleeding Cool. One of the greatest strengths of David Lapham as a writer is his ability to be unpredictable. When