Valiant Entertainment Unveils Retro Motion Comics Line

Nostalgia is a powerful drug, and who doesn't pine for the golden days of 2008 and 2009? That's why it's great news to learn that Valiant Entertainment has finally developed that era's most mindblowing technology.

Valiant has finally gotten on board the motion comics train!
Valiant has finally gotten on board the motion comics train!

Folks, your pal Jude Terror is here, filling in on comics news today for Rich Johnston, who was invited to speak as the guest of honor at a convention on journalistic integrity. I give it about a 50/50 chance the whole thing was a trap to lure him there only to "Red Wedding" him. We'll learn soon enough if I'm right. But the point is, Valiant today announced a brand new initiative to release what the comics industry of the past thought would be the comics of the future: motion comics. Starting with Faith Episode 0, Part 1, available to watch for free today on YouTube! A press release provides more details:

Valiant Entertainment is proud to reveal brand-new Motion Comics, and the debut episode is an adventure with the publisher's most heroic and inspirational character: Faith!

Discover the origin of Faith Herbert, aka Zephyr, and a tale with her first love and fellow Harbinger Renegade John Torkelson, aka Torque. The first episode is now live on Valiant Entertainment's YouTube channel and you can watch the nearly eight-minute-long story unfold, below.

This animated episode is taken straight from the pages of HARBINGER: FAITH #0, featuring a script by Joshua Dysart, artwork by Robert Gill and José Villarrubia, and letters by Dave Sharpe. Keep an eye on Valiant's YouTube channel for Part 2 of the story and more Motion Comics featuring other characters from the Valiant Universe.

Find more stories with Faith and her fellow Harbinger Renegades at a comic shop near you. Valiant's first young adult novel, Faith: Taking Flight, is now available wherever books are sold.

How exciting to learn that Valiant is finally getting into the motion comic game. Frankly, the whole concept probably would have taken off a lot sooner if Valiant hadn't withheld their breathtaking library of IP for so long. But now, finally, for a technology that hasn't really advanced much since it first debuted on The Electric Company in the 1970s, a true innovator has arrived in the space to help motion comics reach their full potential. Check it out below:

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