Vault Comics Releases a Free Digital Coloring Book

Vault Comics is giving comic book readers something to do while they wait for the industry to start producing new comics again.  The publisher has released a digital coloring book called Vault Color Up!, and it's free to download. The 22-page book comes in both a low-res version and a high-res version, so you can choose to print it out and break out the crayons or import it into your favorite digital coloring software for a more professional experience.

The cover to Vault Color Up, a free digital coloring book from Vault Comics.
The cover to Vault Color Up, a free digital coloring book from Vault Comics.

Biff! Bam! Pow! Coloring Isn't Just for Kids Anymore

"Young or old, hobbyist or professional–almost everyone loves the opportunity to color," said Vault Executive Vice President of Branding & Design, Tim Daniel, who designed the book. "Vault books are perfectly suited to provide the opportunity for anyone and everyone to flex their creative muscles while enjoying a relaxing exercise filled with escapism. We've seen other notable professional artists like Jen Bartel and Joshua Hixson offer their art on social media for this purpose. We found their wildly successful efforts to be very inspiring. What they did demonstrates the value of building a sense of community while filing the temporary vacuum created by the current shipping hiatus. All that, plus we've fielded requests for this from both creators and readers since our inception! So this is not the last of Vault Color Up! We'll be back regularly with company-spanning and title-specific collections–for free!"

Almost as Fun as Wacky Zoom Backgrounds

Self-quarantining has changed our society in a lot of ways, some of which may be permanent. For one thing, we've learned that many of us are able to work from home with the aid of video conferencing software like Zoom. We've also had opportunities, with many of our favorite pastimes on hold, to try out new things. Or, in the case of coloring, old things. It's not like there's much better to do right now. The press release continues.

Vault is thrilled to announce Vault Color Up, a free 22 page coloring book that is available to download right now. While most of the world is stuck at home, Vault wanted to take the opportunity to provide readers with a fun, free, productive distraction.

The Vault Color Up coloring book, designed by Tim Daniel, comes in two different PDF formats: a low resolution version that fans can print at home and color using markers, pencils, crayons, etc., and a high resolution version that fans can import into digital design programs like Adobe photoshop or illustrator.

You can download the coloring book here. Once you've colored some pages, Vault is encouraging you to post them on social media with the hashtag #vaultcolorup. Check out some of the pages, each themed after a different Vault comic book, below.

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