Vinegar Teeth #4 Review: The Explosive Finale to the Squidtastic Buddy Cop Story

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Hell has broken loose across Brick City, and the courtroom scene is revealed to have been Vinegar Teeth and Buckler delivering the mayor to safety. Unfortunately, nowhere is safe when Cullzathro arrives. He is Vinegar Teeth's father, and his goal is to overtake our world and kill everyone in it. That leaves it up to VT and Archie Buckler to save the day while the rest of the police department hold off the monsters in the center of the city.

Vinegar Teeth #4 cover by Troy Nixey and Michelle Madsen
Vinegar Teeth #4 cover by Troy Nixey and Michelle Madsen

Vinegar Teeth finishes off with a massive high-concept action issue where our odd couple police partners take on a Lovecraftian invasion as the apocalypse rains down around them. It's admittedly now where I saw this book going with the first two issues, but it is certainly unique.

Buckler treats VT like a friend at this point, and it's debatable whether this miniseries has earned that. As recently as last issue, Buckler still abused the poor creature. There are other details that feel forced. The book tries to make a couple of breaks of the fourth wall, and there is a last-minute revelation that the police chief is Archie's ex-wife that adds very little without more background.

That aside, this is a fun read. While I struggle to buy the new friendship between Buckler and VT, I do enjoy it. Vinegar Teeth is an endlessly charming monster. The action beats are creative, wild, and fun.

Vinegar Teeth #4 art by Troy Nixey and Michelle Madsen
Vinegar Teeth #4 art by Troy Nixey and Michelle Madsen

Troy Nixey's artwork finishes strong with its ugly and surreal style that fits the world of Brick City perfectly. The monster designs are creative, and there are plenty of grotesque moments that easily stick in the memory. Michelle Madsen's colors surround the brown area of the spectrum, and the dirtiness it elicits is well suited to the book.

Vinegar Teeth #4 brings a surprisingly bombastic end to the comedy/action/horror miniseries. It's fun, it's funny, and it is one of the most bizarre books I've read in some time. This one easily gets a recommendation. Check it out.

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