The Maximoff Twins in Vision & Scarlet Witch #12, Up for Auction

Vision & Scarlet Witch have starred in their fair share of comics together over the years, and the relationship has taken on an iconic role in the hearts of Marvel fans across the world since the MCU started. Not to say they were not a fan favorite couple before, they were, but after films and even a TV show focusing on their love, they've reached icon status. Taking bids today at Heritage Auctions is a CGC 9.8 copy of one of their most important comics, Vision & Scarlet Witch #12 from 1986. This is the issue when she gives "birth" to the twins. The gorgeous book is sitting at $115 with time to spare. Go check it out below.

Vision & Scarlet Witch #1 CGC 9.8 Taking BIds At Heritage Auctions
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Vision & Scarlet Witch: Love Story For The Ages?

"The Vision and the Scarlet Witch V2#12 (Marvel, 1986) CGC NM/MT 9.8 White pages. Scarlet Witch gives "birth" to Tommy and Billy Maximoff. Doctor Strange, Magneto, Wonderman, Nekra, and Grimm Reaper appearances. Richard Howell and Joe Sinnott cover. Howell art. Overstreet 2021 NM- 9.2 value = $5. CGC census 4/22: 112 in 9.8, none higher. Avengers West Coast Crossover. Double-size issue. "Lovers and Zombies!" Story by Steve Englehart. Art by Richard Howell and Andy Mushynsky. Cover by Richard Howell. The story opens at Project Pegasus where government officials are questioning the Vision following the events of Avengers 254. After storming out of the interrogation room, the Vision & Scarlet Witch return to Leonia, New Jersey and purchase a new home. While Wanda and her synthezoid husband are inspecting the backyard, the zombies of the Black Talon attack! Nekra and the Grim Reaper are part of the evil plot too. Story continues in West Coast Avengers (1985) 2."

If you are a fan of Vision & Scarlet Witch, this is a book you have to own. Go ahead and go here for more info, and to place a bid. While you are there, take a look at all of the other books taking bids today, there are a bunch of god ones.

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