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Evil Ernie #5 (Eternity, 1992).
Fictional personifications of death often become iconic, and this one is no exception.  Lady Death first appeared in 1991's Evil Ernie #1 from comics publisher Eternity, created by Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes.  Both Lady Death and Evil Ernie have gone on to become comic book stars in their own right, and those early moments[...]
Green Lantern #201 (DC, 1986) featuring the first appearance of Kilowog and the beginning of the Green Lantern Corps series.
It's a testiment to the enduring nature of the concept that many characters who have taken on the role of Green Lantern have become memorable and a regular part of the franchise.  In the 1940s there was Alan Scott, of course.  The 1960s introduced us to Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner.  John Stewart made his[...]