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Steve Ditko ( November 2, 1927 – c. June 29, 2018) was an American comic book creator best known as the artist and co-creator, with Stan Lee, of the Marvel Comics superheroes Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.


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Betrayed by "Fans"? The Tragedy of Ditko's Post-Mainstream Work

J.WAR writes, "Why do you think [Blue Beetle] didn't sell?", Rich Howell asked Steve Ditko way back in 1968. (1) Ditko's response cut to the heart of the real issue: "I think it would be more interesting and revealing to ask comic readers why they didn't buy it." Poor sales and abruptly canceled titles stalked […]

Legacy vs Intent: Steve Ditko's Mr. A Collected Against His Wishes?

Steve Ditko's Mr. A. Will Be Collected Against His Wishes

As BC reporter Joshua Stone sat in on the IDW Artist's Editions & More panel Sunday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con, I was curious to see what news he'd be reporting on regarding their upcoming offerings.  I'm a fan of the Artist Edition format, and the the top shelf in the corner of my office […]

Spider-Man 1st Appearance Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 9.2 Hits $598,000

Spider-Man 1st Appearance Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 9.2 Hits $598,000

We've covered a lot of chart-busting sales of the first appearance of Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy #15 during the first decade of Bleeding Cool.  It is perhaps the most liquid single vintage comic issue across the entire range of grades in all of the comic book collecting hobby. Spider-Man himself is seemingly immune to the […]

Ditko Monsters Holds Up As An Entertaining Compilation Of the Classics

Ditko Monsters Holds Up As An Entertaining Compilation Of the Classics

IDW collects the classic works of Steve Ditko and Joe Gill's Gordo and Konga, compiling them into a double feature graphic novel in stores now. Although lesser known than his contemporary Stan Lee, Ditko made his mark in the industry by taking the "Marvel Method" and elevating the medium into the art form known worldwide. […]

Super Weird Heroes v2.1: Gene Simmons, Steve Ditko, and Hand Gestures of Power

Comics creators are collectively among the most powerful forces on Earth. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.  They're connected to everyone and everything. They're the original masters of memetics.  This is why Thomas Nast had political clout in the 19th Century that the likes of Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart could never dream of […]

Marvel Declassified 2: High School Experiments in Radioactivity

About a year before the debut of Spider-Man by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee in Amazing Fantasy #15, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and the National Science Foundation sponsored a course for high school students to learn about radiation and its effects on living creatures. Equipment including Geiger counters were provided, and high school science […]

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Richard Howell on How He Got a Page of Steve Ditko's Artwork

Richard Howell, longstanding comic book industry figure, writer, producer and Editor-in-Chief of publisher Claypool Comics, had a story to tell about Steve Ditko. And it is making a number of people uneasy. He posted his story publicly on Facebook, writing: Anyone who's attempted to procure original art by Steve Ditko–and succeeded–probably didn't get it directly […]

From Paper Romance to Logan the Loser: 75 Years of Steve Ditko

The Steve Ditko blog, which promotes Ditko's most recent work published with Robin Snyder, has posted two pieces of artwork from the creator, who died this week. The first is the first page of Paper Romance, published in 1953 in Daring Romance, thought to be the first published Steve Ditko comic book story. And the […]

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Comics People React to the Death of Steve Ditko

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool was informed that Steve Ditko passed away earlier in the week but that members of his family were not making the news public at the time. Later in the night, the news went public anyway, as The Hollywood Reporter received official confirmation from New York police. And the comics industry went into shock. The […]

Steve Ditko on Collecting His Mr. A Comics in a Trade Paperback

90-year-old Steve Ditko has never stopped creating comic books. And he still does, from his New York studio. You can order them from Robin Snyder here, though international distribution can be a bit tricky. So what about collecting them in a more sizeable volume suitable for bookstores and comic stores, surviving the rigours of international distribution? […]

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Pre-Comics Code Comics Horror: AC Comics April 2018 Solicits

Crypt of Horror is a collection of pre-Comics Code Authority horror from the 1950s. AC Comics is bringing us Volume 36 of this collection in this coming April. It includes creators such as Bill Everett, Ross Andru, Steve Ditko, Wally Wood, Joe Kubert, George Tuska, and much more. More details below. CRYPT OF HORROR #36 Much of […]

Wally Wood's Cannon Reprinted by Fantagraphics March 2018 Solicits

Cannon, and old serial by Wally Wood is being reprinted in a collection for purchase by Fantagraphics in the coming March of 2018. Plus, We Ate Wonderbread is being put out by cartoonist Nicole Hollander. Plus, Mudbite, Land of the Sons, and more. Read more details below. MUDBITE by Dave Cooper $19.99 / HC / 72 pgs / FC / 11.75 x […]

On Way Out Door, Brian Michael Bendis Takes A Parting Shot At Marvel Variant Covers

The gloves are coming off as superstar Marvel writer "The Great One" Brian Michael Bendis prepares to depart his longtime post at the House of Ideas to defect to rival DC Comics. In the latest issue of Defenders, released last Wednesday, Bendis, speaking through Deadpool, fired a devastating parting shot at Marvel for their shameless […]

Brush Up On Your Vulture And Shocker Knowledge Before Spider-Man: Homecoming

With the Sony/Marvel collaboration Spider-Man: Homecoming quickly approaching, you may be wondering to yourself, "Where can I read good stories with that angry, winged Michael Keaton character?" Well, despite the fact that his costume is oddly reminiscent of the Firefly's costume from the Batman: Arkham games, that is actually the storied Spider-rogue, the Vulture (AKA Adrian […]