What Did Nick Spencer Think About President Obama And Chelsea Manning?

I may not be particularly proud of it. But when I read the news about President Obama commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning so that she would be freed later this year, my first thought was "what will Nick Spencer think?"

Because, as Captain America writer, a few years ago he wrote what I thought at the time was a clumsy, ham-fisted approach to her story. Having ex-soldier the USAgent leak sensitive SHIELD files about the government working with some very bad people around the world. And Captain America taking the moral lead that this was a bad thing. Not so much the working with bad people but the leaking of the information…

And Captain America on the way to save their lives, now that their collusion with the US had been revealed.

And in case the point wasn;t underlined, it was all down to Switzerland, Wikipedia and Julian Assange's home.

Switzerland? See? Bloody Swiss. That's when Julian Assange hosts his WikiLeaks server isn't it. The bloody Swiss. I knew they'd be behind this.



And getting The Guardian and the New York Times involved. So there was only one solution.



Hit him with your fists! Then hit him with your monologue!

Now, of course,those Wikileaks documents didn't lead to anyone's death. And Wikileaks didn't just sent it out there without redacting the most sensitive information.


And when it was Rick Jones' time to become the Whisperer and leak news about the Kobik Project at SHIELD, which could warp the nature of reality with cosmic cubes – literally creating a post-truth society, Captain America took a different tack.



So had Spencer mellowed? Had he seen a different side to the whistleblower? Would he react differently to Obama's decision to commute her sentence?

Not so much.







One might argue the same about that original storyline…

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