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This Week In Captain America Chris Evans Vs. Actual Nazi David Duke: Antisemitism Appears
You might remember us bringing it up last week in regards to our ongoing "should you punch Nazis?" debate. For a brief recap, we've asked Warren Ellis who agrees that Nazis are 100% punchable, as well as current Captain America writer Nick Spencer, who disagrees because of free speech protections despite his own comic featuring Cap punching Nazis on[...]
Yet More Punching Nazis, Pepe The Frog, Richard Spencer … And Jack Kirby
Punch Nazis! But we need a next step, a plan beyond punching Nazis cuz Nazis need punching. — Magdalene Visaggio 🏳️‍🌈 – DEATH RATTLE (@MagsVisaggs) January 21, 2017 Made a shirt.It's $14.If I sell any, I'll donate the money to the ACLU & Planned Parenthood https://t.co/5aJEvTop42 pic.twitter.com/X5Fo2txgFa — thechrishaley ⨂ (@thechrishaley) January 21, 2017 A common stance is that[...]
18 Times Superheroes Punched, Kicked, Throttled, Or Otherwise Inflicted Violence On Nazis
But punching Nazis is as much a part of the genetic makeup of a superhero as masks, capes, and skintight spandex outfits! A quick google image search will lead to hundreds of images from comics of superheroes punching, kicking, shooting, throwing, choking, throttling, or otherwise inflicting violence on Nazis, often Hitler himself A regular google search will[...]