What Will You Win From Your Comic Store This Hallowe'en?

This year, comic stores will celebrate Hallowe'en in a different way.

Oh it's always been a good time for comic stores, especially those who sell superhero costumes and masks. But there's lots of fun things happening this year. For a start it's the first Hallowe'en ComicFest, where like Free Comic Book Day, retailers will have bundles of free comics to give away with a Hallowe'en theme.

Then, Diamond Comic Distributors is organising a Hallowe'en photo contest with big prizes. Comic book readers can enter to win, with the top 26 winning their choice in $50 plus graphic novels, action figures,  and stuff, with five hundred other winners nationwide who will also get swag worth up to $25 each,

They just upload their costume photo, choose their prizes and which store they'd pick the prize up from. And then get all their friends to vote for them right here…

And any store whose customers win will be entered into a drawing for thirteen lots of $100 toy merchandise, or one will win $500 worth. So you know, it's in the shops best interest to encourage their customers to enter. Is your shop taking part?

Oh and here are the free Hallowe'en Comics you can start looking forward to now, from Adventure Time to Turtles to Axe Cop…


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