When Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing #15 Was Pulped Over A Rogue Tentacle

So, there was a Batman leak today. You may have read about it. And people have been waiting for Scott Snyder to respond to it.

And he did, in the best way possible. Writing on Twitter:

I know there's a story out there you guys really seem to want me to address – folks keep asking here – so I guess I'll just do it. The time Swamp Thing was ruined by a giant penis tentacle. Yes, it did happen. And here is the story: I was at Heroes con a couple years ago And I got this call from my editor, Matt Idelson. He was like: there's an issue with Swamp Thing #15. We're going to have to pulp it. "Pulp it" means destroy the actual issue, like thousands of copies. So I was stunned. I'm on the con floor and I'm like, what? Why? And he says, "one of the Arcane's tentacles. It looks a little 'dickish.'" And I'm like: "Dickish? Dickish. What are you talking about? Can you send the art?" So he does. And I look at it, there on the con floor So I'm looking at this on the con floor, on the phone with Matt, and I'm like: "OK, it's a little dickish, yes. But PULP the issue? You guys over worry everything. I mean–" and he cuts me off and he's like: "No. Panel 4."
And so I look.

Panel Two


Panel Three


And Panel…




And Matt is like: yeah. So I'm all confused. And I'm like, how did this happen though. And he says. Well, think back. And I'm thinking back.. And I'm thinking and yes, I remember the page, and I remember asking for more tentacles. Because Arcane tentacles are scary, right? And I remember asking Matt for more tentacles if possible, in panel 1… and panel 4. After it was already an awesome page. And so it hits me that the cause was me, that I myself had created the penis tentacle that had ruined my own book. There. I hope that answers it! And as a coda, I have nothing against spoilers at all. No hard feeling with them. I just happen to be someone who never seeks them out. Not for other books, not for movies. I hate when I see them for things I'm eager to read or see. If you like them, though, totally cool. I've just always kept this feed spoiler-free and a safe place for readers of anything I'm on to come and talk the books, maybe see teases but no spoilers. So if you like them, no worries! I just ask that you be sensitive to those who don't want to see them by being discreet And please understand that I'll never give or address any spoilers here (for anything, mine or anyone else's) for those, my own reasons.

Which is pretty darn brilliant.

UPDATE: Scott adds,

Oh wait!
I literally forgot the best part of the story!

So the book is pulped and a new version comes out, clean.

And I tell my friends the story, how the penis tentacle was my own creation, completely my fault.

And for my birthday last year I get a package in the mail.

It's a present from


I love you

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