When Squirrel Girl Named Each And Every One Of Thor's Abs

In today's Secret Love oneshot from Marvel, we get a special Squirrel Girl tale. One in which she wins a date with a Thor. Yes, "a" Thor, it's Secret Wars, keep up.SCWARSSL2015001-int3-5-d9257As you do. Naturally, there are hijinks and tom foolery. But this is Thor… and we all know what happens with Thors these days.


Exactly…. so what's a girl going to do?

IMG_0040 Is there any chance they could all get their own spin-off series?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.. Who have a signing from Mark Buckingham this Friday from 6-7pm, before performing a Director's Commentary for his Fairest comic,surrounded by a gallery of his work…fairest_commentary_670


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