Who Needs Rainforests When You Can Have Sweet Darkhawk NFTs?

A lot of people believe that the planet is headed for imminent climate disaster due to irreversibly manmade climate change and a refusal by the world's largest corporations and most powerful governments to do anything substantial to stop it. Others feel like it would be pretty cool to use blockchain to own pointless digital reproductions of Darkhawk comic book covers with no intrinsic value. Which of these two opposing camps will win the debate with the fate of the planet at stake?

Perhaps this press release from Marvel can help answer that question:

Thirty years ago, Danny Fingeroth and Mike Manley introduced a new hero to the Marvel Universe with teenager Chris Powell who discovered a mysterious alien amulet that transformed him into the armored hero known as Darkhawk. In celebration of Darkhawk's 30th anniversary, VeVe is bringing the spacefaring fan-favorite hero to Earth!

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, December 9, at 8am PT, the fully-readable digital iconic comic DARKHAWK #1 arrives on the VeVe app, for iOS and Android.

DARKHAWK #1's full issue is readable within the VeVe app and sold in a blind box format for $6.99. Each digital comic book will have FIVE versions of rarity. This release features VeVe Exclusive Rare and Ultra Rare covers by Ron Lim. Take a look at the gallery below!

COMMON – Classic Cover
UNCOMMON – Vintage Variant
RARE – Hero Variant
ULTRA RARE – Vibranium Variant
SECRET RARE – True Believer Variant

DARKHAWK #1 features the first appearance of teenager Chris Powell AKA Darkhawk! Thrill to the origin story of one of Marvel's hottest heroes for the '90s as the newborn Darkhawk unravels the mystery of his armored avenging alter ego.

There you have it. Screw the stupid rainforest and get us some Darkhawk NFTs, baby! Darkhawk NFTs drop tomorrow morning, true believers! You can get them via the VeVe app here. Now let's watch the world burn, cryptobronies!

Who Needs a Rainforest When You Have --Checks Notes-- Darkhawk NFTs?

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