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Chris Jericho to Debut NFT Graphic Novel at San Diego Comic-Con
Jericho is currently playing a heelish Sports Entertainer in All Elite Wrestling, so it makes sense he would fully embrace his heel gimmick by releasing a new graphic novel that appears to be made entirely of NFTs What better way to garner heel heat than by destroying the environment for an obvious ponzi scheme?! A press[...]
Cover image for Usagi Yojimbo #28
But can Usagi survive the inevitably crypto-evangelizing? And does this guy have one of those new Spawn NFTs for sale? Asking for a friend Check out the preview below. USAGI YOJIMBO #28 IDW PUBLISHING MAR220511 (W) Stan Sakai (A / CA) Stan Sakai The Long Road Usagi and Yukichi come to the rescue of a famed art dealer and his assistant[...]
Die, Rainforest, Die! Todd McFarlane's 1st Spawn NFT Drops This Week
Todd McFarlane has already conquered the world of comics, but he has his sights set on a new goal: destroying the Earth's climate and hastening the demise of the human race via NFTs McFarlane and Steve Aoki's new NFT platform,, opens for official business today, May 16th, at 6PM PST, allowing sucke– er, NFT[...]
Archie Launches NFT Scheme Where You Pay to Write Their Comics
And Archie Comics has made that dream come true. On Thursday, Archie announced a partnership with Palm NFT Studio to produce NFTs, which are on their own literally the most pointless thing any sucker can spend their money on (and you know what they say about comic book readers: there's one born every minute) But that's[...]
WWE Teams with Fanatics to Reboot WWE Shop, Launch More NFTs
WWE plans to do to mother nature what Will Smith did to Chris Rock as the company prepares to launch more NFTs alongside new e-commerce partner, Fanatics WWE has formed a "long-term" partnership with the company to produce a range of merchandise and memorabilia, and as part of the deal, will launch a brand new[...]
WWE Bodyslams Environment with New NFT Platform, Moonsault
WWE is partnering with Blockchain Creative Labs, the NFT division of Fox Entertainment, for Moonsault, which will launch sometime before WrestleMania, though you can get on the mailing list to receive spam encouraging you to buy NFTs right now, brother! For those wondering, an NFT is basically like a jpeg, animated gif, or video clip, but[...]
Who Needs Rainforests When You Can Have Sweet Vision NFTs?
Which of these two opposing camps will win the debate with the fate of the planet at stake? Perhaps this press release from Marvel announcing Vision NFTs can help answer that question: The next VeVe's digital comic offering sees the first appearance of Vision. Starting tomorrow, Thursday, November 16, at 8am PT, the fully-readable digital iconic comic[...]
Mattel and Dark Horse Release Analog He-Man NFT with No Blockchain
Pretty much every time we write an article about NFTs — a method of creating digital "art" you can "own" by lighting several acres of the Amazon rainforest on fire — our social media accounts are deluged by "cryptobronies" (the hardcore fans of NFTs and other bitcoins) telling us we just don't understand how NFTs[...]
Who Needs a Rainforest When You Have --Checks Notes-- Darkhawk NFTs?
Screw the stupid rainforest and get us some Darkhawk NFTs, baby! Darkhawk NFTs drop tomorrow morning, true believers! You can get them via the VeVe app here Now let's watch the world burn, cryptobronies! A lot of people believe that the planet is headed for imminent climate disaster due to irreversibly manmade climate change and[...]
Marvel Discovers New Way to Exploit Jack Kirby: With Eternals NFTs
Marvel is bringing the exploitation of the work of Jack Kirby into the modern age with a new series of Eternals NFTs offered through Veve Launching Thursday at 11AM, the Eternals collection will feature five versions of an Eternals #1 digital comic that, yes, technically, you could read on Marvel Unlimited, but then you wouldn't[...]
Now you *can* see John Cena in the form of new WWE NFTs.
Not content with simply destroying the enjoyment of wrestling in its fans, WWE will now destroy the environment as well with a new set of John Cena NFTs Launching on Friday at the start of WWE Smackdown, WWE will release John Cena NFTs that will immortalize the legendary Superstar at the cost of only roughly[...]
These Crappy Spider-Man NFTs Can Be Yours for Just $400
But even combining all of those things together, which is another thing Marvel frequently does, pales in comparison to the sheer shameless cash grab known as NFTs, and true-to-form, Marvel has a new set of Spider-Man NFTs set to debut this weekend. These digital collectibles use blockchain technology and roughly the annual electrical output of the[...]
The Undertaker NFTs from WWE are going to make The Chadster a very rich man.
No, The Chadster is here to talk about his second favorite topic after WWE shows winning ratings battles: NFTs NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are basically like bitcoin applied to videos and animated gifs The Chadster is really big into bitcoin, so when I heard about NFTS, naturally I was all in In fact, I've already[...]
You Can Own This Justice League Crypto Art for Just $1 Million
Anyone you ask seems to utterly despise the entire concept of NFTs and Crypto Art, but for some reason, everybody is getting into it Well, "for some reason" might be a little misleading We all know the reason: pure, unadulterated greed For example, how long do you think it took to create the following digital[...]