Why Do You Taunt Us Otis Frampton? Spill Your Guts

Earlier this week Oddly Normal creator Otis Frampton tweeted this:

Talk about a tweet loaded with mystery. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and adore all of Frampton's Star Wars illustrations. I am also a huge fan of Oddly Normal and followed it since Image Comics released its first issue in 2014. Now that the comic has begun releasing in graphic novel form only, it's difficult not miss Oddly and friends. I'm desperate for more!

With a tweet like that, I have to wonder if it's plot related…or bigger scale news. When I interviewed Frampton in August, I asked him if there were plans for Oddly outside of the comic book world. This was his answer:


"I haven't talked about it until now, but "Oddly Normal" was optioned last year for development as an animated TV series. There's not much more I can or should say about that at this time, but I'm thrilled that someday I may be in the unique position of working on two different versions of Oddly's story."

Could that time be now? Read more of that interview here and be sure to pick up the first two graphic novels of Oddly Normal out now.

With all that said, I want to draw some attention to Frampton's Star Wars illustrations because they would honestly make the perfect gift to any fan you know, or you could just buy them all yourself.


You can buy some of his work here, but beware of spoilers! There are a few running about.

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