Will The Ultimate Universe… Survive? Will It Be… An Incursion? (CREATIVE TEAM UPDATE)

marvelUPDATE: We've now confirmed the Survive creative team as Brian Bendis and Joe Quinones, with Olivier Coipel on the cover.

There are no Ultimate titles featured in Marvel's solicitations for March.

But there is something with no details attached called Survive #1.

Remember when Marvel did something similar with Hunger #1?

So at the end of Cataclysm, we can assume that something, somehow, survives.

Galactus? Miles Morales? The entire Ultimate Universe rebooted or refreshed once more?

Last year, we reported on the Marvel Summit rumours spilling out about the cancellation of the Ultimate Universe, as a result of an Ultimates Vs Avengers battle. Despite denials of the former, it happened, though the latter did not. I wonder… could we have had the cause and effect reversed?

I wonder… could the Ultimate Universe be about to be an "incursion" into the Marvel 616 Universe, along the lines of recent Avengers storylines?


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