WonderCon '15 – Scott Koblish Talks All Things Deadpool

Scott _Koblish_WC2015Deadpool is dying on April 8th, 2015, and artist Scott Koblish is one of the bastards putting the final nails in his coffin. While he's not 100% responsible for killing-off everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth per se, he was the only one I could conveniently track down and give a stern talking to. The artist/rock god was on hand at WonderCon this past weekend and was nice enough to sit down and answer a few of my silly questions.

Cameron Hatheway: Deadpool has been a big part of your life these past few years, as I'm sure you've been a big part of his as well. Working with him for a while now, what do you enjoy most about your collaboration with him?

Scott Koblish: He's a good guy. I mean, he's really sarcastic, but deep down I think he really has a heart of gold. You have to watch out; a lot of people get injured if they're around him. Pretty much everyone gets in trouble. But you know, we give him a lot of slack, you just say, "That's Wade! Wade's doing his thang," and you just sit back and you enjoy it. Because he's real creative, he's really fun, he's always got something planned, so it's good.

CH: Are you sad that Deadpool is going to die?

SK: Well, I get the apartment. So for me, it's kind of a win-win: he'll be dead, and I'll get the apartment. It's a good apartment! It's got a really nice view of the rest of the…things.

CH: How exciting is it that he's finally getting his own R-rated movie now? What do you hope they include?

SK: That's great! I'm really looking forward to that. It looks fantastic just looking at the [concept footage]. They did a proof of concept thing and I'm hoping that it looks a lot like that because that was beautiful. I thought they did a great job. And I think they get the tone right because they did something on April Fools—

CH: Yeah with the EXTRA/JoBlo.com segment.

SK: Yeah, I didn't know who that was! [Laughter]

CH: It was Slater [Mario Lopez] from Saved By The Bell.

SK: My daughter would know who that is, but I don't know! But I thought they got the tone right. And I was most interested because at one point they say "Well, he's like the character that appeared in the Wolverine movie," and you can see the pain in Reynolds' face, and everyone's face who was watching it. And you could just see that they did not want that to be the case this time out. So I think it's great. I think they have a really good chance at a great Deadpool movie and I hope that it happens.

CH: Throw in some Bea Arthur and a couple of chimichangas and we're all set, right?

SK: Exactly! You know what? Maybe Bea Arthur could appear in the movie.

CH: A holographic Bea Arthur.

SK: Is she—she's not dead, is she?

CH: Oh yeah, she's dead. She died a couple years ago. I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you…[Laughter]

SK: [Laughter] I have a heavy heart right now, I didn't know! Wow, how did I miss that?! The internet I'm sure would have told me!

CH: They did. You were probably at the drawing board.

SK: Yeah I wasn't paying attention.

CH: Besides being a killer artist, you're also a fantastic guitarist. How do you find time to kick-ass at two equally difficult pursuits?

SK: It's tough. Finding time is very difficult for me right now. I try and make time for the guitar stuff, just because I have to have an outlet. When I'm home I'm drawing all the time, and it's a very sedentary, solitary existence. So when the least I can get out with a guitar, I can perform in front of other people and enjoy doing that. Yeah I really like it. I didn't start playing guitar until my twenties, so yeah. The art came first, and the guitar stuff came up later. I had a band, I had a whole bunch of bands, but when I moved out to Los Angeles I couldn't find people to play with, but maybe I'll change that this year.

CH: Now that your bread and butter is about to kick the bucket, what are some upcoming projects you're working on? Perhaps write and perform "The Ballad of Deadpool?"

SK: Yeah, that would be a good idea! Jordan White, our editor, had done a great music thing of Deadpool. It was a good song. Up next for me is X-Men '92, so it's a webcomic and then they'll be printing it up later. It'll start in May and then get printed in June. And it's four issues or so. Or maybe more, I don't know what'll happen. But yeah, X-Men '92.

Special thanks to Scott for taking time out of his busy schedule during WonderCon to talk all-things Deadpool with me. You can find more of his work at his website or follow him on Twitter.

Cameron Hatheway is a reviewer and the host of Cammy's Comic Corner, an audio podcast. You can send him your Deadpool/Bea Arthur fan-fic on Twitter @CamComicCorner.