Zinnober #2 Review: Improving but Still Troubled

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James, Claire, and the scientist are in a standoff with the dragon cultists. The cultist speaker claims to be peaceful, even now that James has shot his hand. However, James and Claire don't trust them and leave at the first opportunity. Our trio of wanderers return to the surface to retrieve Claire's gun. They find a swarm of smaller dragons waiting for them.

Zinnober #2 cover by Ralf Singh and Nic Chapuis
Zinnober #2 cover by Ralf Singh and Nic Chapuis

Once again, Zinnober grabs me with the interesting ideas it has in store for the reader. The dragon cultists are a really cool idea, and there is a lot of potential in that concept. The comic also opens with a flashback to James' past, and it's a harrowing scene that adds depth to the character.

This issue is still held back by the spotty dialogue, and it is painfully distracting at times. You can have the best ideas in the world, but, if you can't convey ideas, characters, and emotions through speech between characters well, the story will still suffer.

The pacing is good, though. No scene drags on for too long. The spatial problems I mentioned in the last review are far less pronounced in this book too.

Ralf Singh's artwork is still a little too clean for its own good, but that is less of an issue here too. There are more details to give the world personality, and the dragon designs continue to be greatly appealing. Ilaria Fella's color work is a bit more atmospheric too, and that does some wonders for building a visual identity.

Zinnober #2 is an improvement upon the first issue. There is some character-building being done, the artwork has more personality, and the mere presence of dragon cultists is a positive. I can more strongly recommend this one as opposed to the first issue, but it is still a tentative recommendation. Feel free to check it out if, once again, the premise grabs you.

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