A New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Amiibo Teased

It looks like we'll be hearing about a new character coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate soon according to Nintendo's website. Several people have picked up on this brand new listing on the amiibo page, where if you scroll down enough to the S-section, you'll see a Coming Soon option between Sonic The Hedgehog and Toon Link. We have a screenshot of it below you to see, just in case this gets deleted or amended. There are no other blank listings for an amiibo on the page, so the natural assumption from a lot of people online is that it's a placeholder for the next fighter coming to the game. Which does make a lot of sense since most of the fighters have amiibos and there's no one missing alphabetically that would fit in that section.

Who could this mystery addition be? Courtesy of Nintendo.
Who could this mystery addition be? Courtesy of Nintendo.

If you take the internet speculation to heart, a lot of people are placing bets on the idea that it will be an ARMS character, in the form of Spring Man and Springtron. We're going to wild here for a moment and just say it's another crossover character. At least, that's what this feels like to us. Think about it. E3 2020 is canceled, but if Nintendo was going to reveal a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character for the roster that people would freak out over, then the perfect time to reveal it would have been during their annual June Nintendo Direct, the Tuesday E3 would have started. So more than likely we're seeing the DLC character plans they would have set up for slowly going into effect. But as to when it will be announced and who it could be, that's an entirely different subject. Who do you think will be the next Smash Bros. character addition?

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