Free Fire Brings Back Rampage Event With New Transforming Outfit

Garena has brought back one of the most popular events in Free Fire as Rampage returns, along with a brand new outfit for the game. We have a lot of the notes for the latest update and event below, but one of the big additions is a brand new transforming suit that you can acquire, which will allow you to change your outfit mid-match. It's not just a thing you can do like a light switch whenever you want, however, as you'll need to do things a little strategically, but its a fun addition you'll want to collect. Enjoy the new event!

Free Fire Brings Back Rampage Event With New Transforming Outfit
Credit: Garena

Free Fire Rampage Event

A new in-game event, Rampage United, kicks off in Garena Free Fire on June 17. This will be the fourth iteration of Rampage, continuing the storyline of Tyson Brontes, AKA The Director of Project Harmony. The Director and his band of Rampage soldiers are once again endangered by the arrival of three Horizon mercenaries seeking to seize control of the city of Empyre. Both sides in this epic struggle will call upon special powers and battle over control of shards and a Hyperbook that can grant access to weapons and abilities.

First Ever Outfit Transformer

As always, Rampage United will feature a number of new and unique rewards for players to acquire in different ways. Primary among these for this event will be the legendary outfit bundle Mars Warclasher. For the first time ever in Garena Free Fire, players can transform their outfit appearance within a match. This is done by selecting an emote, and the outfit will shift from one adorned with flames to another that crackles with lightning. In addition, the Mars Warclasher's base form will appear as different colors depending on the player's rank (red-base; yellow-gold rank; blue-platinum rank; purple-diamond rank). It also features a unique circle of heat animation for the lobby, the flaming groove emote, and the wolf zap arrival animation.

Rampage United Game Mode

The Rampage United Game Mode will be available starting from peak day on June 25. This 4v4 mode will see two teams battling for possession of the Hyperbook item, which will allow the carrying team to gain points by possessing the book in designated zones on the map. Players can also earn buffs in-game by completing certain tasks to build their Rampage energy levels. Weapons are purchased upon each respawn.

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