Let's Take a Look at Some Jurassic World Figures! Part 2: Dinos!

Jurassic World dinos and figures are on stores shelves now, and we scoured the stores to get our hands on some of the coolest offerings in Mattel's new line. From oversized dinosaurs to the humans they are trying to eat over the last four films, we have a little bit of everything to show you. Mattel has many different options for any budget for these figures, and if what we are looking at today is any indication, this may just be the best Jurassic Park toy line we have gotten. Today we will be looking at some of the different Dinosaurs in stores now!

First up is the Thrash 'n Throw T-Rex! The figure features six points of articulation, makes stomping nosies when you press the foot down and the button is pushed in, and when lurched forward by the tail opens her great jaws and lets out a fierce roar. turning the tail thrashes the head back and forth. The sculpt is pretty spot on, although the paint aps feel a little light. Overall though, if you cannot find the 3 foot long Colossal T-Rex, this one will suffice.

Notice that symbol on her foot? That is tied to an app available now in the various app stores called Jurassic World Facts. It is a Pokemon Go!-type app where you answer trivia about various dinos and you collect the facts about dinos you unlock by earning points or buying them in stores and scanning their symbols. Its pretty neat, and free!

I picked up Blue as a basic dino figure, and was not disappointed with it at all. These feature a little bit less articulation, but enough that you can strike some iconic poses. After seeing the trailers, I hope Blue makes it through Fallen Kingdom. I will be pretty bummed if not.

Next up was almost my favorite of the bunch here- the Mosasaurus. This thing is gigantic (as you can see from the picture of my five year old holding it). This dino is made of rubber, and is hollow on the inside. I was not expecting that. The fins and tail attach really easily. The fins move with ease, but sadly the tail stays in one position. A word to the wise- do not put this one in water. While it should have been made so that if would go in the water, it isn't. It has been days and we are still trying to get all of the water out. Even so however, this is a great figure, and at $30 you can't go wrong with this one.

Lastly is the "big baddie" if you will from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom- the Indoraptor. I am blown away by this figure. So many different poses for this one, the hind legs and arms feature a ton of articulation, the head looks menacing and has the most articulation of any of the dinos we got. It stands like a person! I am so looking forward to seeing this on the big screen after playing around with this one for a bit, and one needs to look no further than the classic pose pic up there.

I am in love with this Mattel Jurassic World line! Click here to check out our look at the human figures, and if you want to order some of these Jurassic World toys click here.


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