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Kingdom Hearts' Sora Is The Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character
Sora will officially be added to the game on October 18th, and with him will also come the first three Kingdom Hearts games in their complete form to the Nintendo Switch released at a later date, which we have more info about below. A look at Sora as he appears in Smash Bros., courtesy of Nintendo. The[...]
Nintendo Reveals Details Of Minecraft in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
These tools can also be used for abilities new to the Super Smash Bros. franchise: Mine, Craft and Create Block. Mine: While battling, Steve and Alex can use their tools to dig into the ground or walls of each stage to extract materials The materials found – dirt, wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond – will depend on[...]
Opinion: Nintendo Should Support "Smash Bros." Esports, But Won't
For Smash Bros., unless a player is sponsored or on a team with sponsors built-in, tournaments are only getting a handful of sponsors that are mostly giving them products or prizes Very few actively have people seeking cash deals so that the payout at the end is at least five figures What's more, there are[...]
Nintendo Comments On "Smash Bros." Esports' Low Prize Money
But that was a long time coming, and even today those events are rare. Credit: Nintendo In the case of Smash Bros., you have a competitive community that was passionate and grew organically, to the point where it should be as big as CS:GO or League Of Legends By all accounts, they should be a major competitive[...]