A New Wacky Hospital Sim Is On The Way With Healing Spree

Indie games publisher Milk Bottle Studio and developer Paro have revealed their next game with the wacky hospital sim Healing Spree. The minute we saw this we needed to play it, because in the middle of a pandemic we would rather be healing people in the weirdest ways possible. This is a 1-4 player co-op game where you quickly diagnose, treat, and heal patients who are literally dumped on you with a condition you know nothing about. Work your magic as physicians to get as many people cured as possible before the timer runs out. The game is due out sometime this year, so as we wait for that reveal, here's some more info from the devs.

Doesn't your hospital have a robot nurse controlled by a bunny? Courtesy of Milk Bottle Studio.
Doesn't your hospital have a robot nurse controlled by a bunny? Courtesy of Milk Bottle Studio.

In Healing Spree, players become doctors trying to treat as many patients as possible during a pandemic and other medical emergencies. There's a lot to do, and the staff is short-handed – so each player has got to grab a stethoscope and call on their closest friends STAT! Through dozens of levels, players learn how to use medical equipment, diagnose, treat, and save patients. Keep things moving by throwing stuff around – or even strategically tossing patients onto beds. Only the best can expertly crash into their soon-to-be-ex-friends, destroy all their work, annoy them to death, and truly master the mayhem to fight another day. Play with friends online and in local co-op mode (up to 4 players). Diagnose, treat, and save patients. Lift, toss, and blast stuff through windows. Explore different physics-based maps. Annoy your friends with astonishingly useful items – including a flamethrower, disinfectant, cans from a vending machine, guns, swords (including a lightsaber) … and even body bags!

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