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Frictional Games Drops Another Teaser Trailer For A New Game

Frictional Games have dropped another new trailer this week teasing a game they're working on that has yet to be announced. Since December the devs have been showing off clips for something new, but have yet to really put any description to the content. The latest trailer called "I am Tasi", who seems to be […]

IndieCade Announces Their 2019 Festival Winners

IndieCade Announces Their 2019 Festival Winners

Over the weekend at IndieCade 2019, the festival honored several games that came to the event with its annual awards and top honors. We have the full list of winners for you here, many of which we saw over 2019 at events like E3 and PAX East/West. We highly recommend you check out some of […]

Nintendo Announces Indie World Showcase For August 19th

Nintendo Announces Indie World Showcase For August 19th

All they wrote to fans was "Tune in Monday, August 19, at 6am PT/9am ET for a new livestreamed Indie World video presentation, featuring roughly 20 minutes of information about indie games coming to Nintendo Switch!" Like a lot of the videos they do for Nintendo Direct, we can probably expect it to be a[...]

Future Flashback Helps You Time Trip Back Through Memories

A cool little indie title that popped up on our radar earlier this month from AdventureX is Future Flashback, which explores memory with a little help. The developers are making a point-and-click adventure game that has an early '90s throwback feel in the graphics and style, and a story that will give your brain a headache. […]

New Indie Games Subscription Service 'Jump' Announced

If you have a passion for indie titles, Jump might be the new service you need to look into. Jump is an on-demand subscription service that "emphasizes discovery of independent games" by acting like a game portal that houses hundreds of titles for a monthly fee. In essence, it's like GOG or Steam, except only independent […]

Casuals Need Not Apply: Brut@l Lives Up To Its Name

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] One of the first things I did in Brut@l was poison myself with a potion that I had no way of knowing the effect of. Had hoped it would be a nice health potion, but no. I killed myself. My brave warrior died because I was an idiot. And I was so damn […]

Review: Indie Game – The Movie Is Both An Invaluable Document And Really Very Exciting

They are creating unique pieces of interactive entertainment whose influences come from deep within themselves.Unencumbered by a corporate directive to appeal to a certain demographic, or produce to a set design criteria, the three main subjects are free to create whatever the hell they want, but this freedom comes at a massive cost, both financially[...]

Videogame Documentary Gets Great Sundance Trailer – Meet Indie Game: The Movie

This one is, if you'll pardon the expression, really pushing my buttons.On the occasion of their film being announced as part of the 2012 Sundance Festival competition selection, the folk behind Indie Game: The Movie have released a new, and very attractive trailer.Maybe its because I spend a lot of my time staring at[...]