Anime Rogue-Like Dungeon Crawler Nigate Tale Announced For Q2 2021

2P Games and Hermit Games have an interesting game reveal this week as we're getting Nigate Tale sometime in Q2 2021. This is an interesting one as the game has been inspired by several isekai anime series, as the game will have you fighting through a procedurally generated cursed castle where you are stuck in a place out of time and space. You'll have to explore and find your way through the maze of corridors as you will be looting for materials, crafting equipment, and mastering combat and magic skills to fight your way through tougher areas. You'll also befriend strong monster girls along this journey who grant you powerful magical abilities. Well, if you bring them the right presents. There's no window for release yet, but you can sign up to playtest the game and be a part of the beta on the game's Steam page.

It's anime rogue-lite fighting at its finest, courtesy of 2P Games.
It's anime rogue-lite fighting at its finest, courtesy of 2P Games.

In Nigate Tale you play as Roy, a young passionated craftsman that loves engeneering and living adventures. One day, you were flying in your airplaine when a strange cloud sucked you into a strange, unknown world inhabited by strange magical creatures. After crashing in the sewers of a castle, the only way out lies in exploring every corner of this ever-changing fortress to find all the missing parts. Your exploration will allow you to piece together the secret story of the castle and its owner, unveiling the thousands-years-old miystery that trapped it out of time and space.

But your mission won't be easy at all! You'll have to fight your way out of the labyrinthic corners of this dangerous place, full of monsters, traps and all kinds of hazards. As if you were stuck in a neverending loop, Roy will reappear in the same starting point every time you die. The path never will be the same, but you will have the advantage of the experience, your loot and new allies that will make your path easier to walk. Nigate Tale took part in last Autumn's Steam Festival, getting almost 10,000 downloads in just a few days, and gathering very positive feedback from the community.

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