Atari's VCS Will Be Powered By AMD's New Ryzen Processor

Atari had some cool news this week about their upcoming VCS console they're releasing in Q4 2019, as AMD will be added their new Ryzen Processor to it. AMD sent out a press release this morning, detailing what the new processor can do and how they hope to utilize it in Atari's latest venture, adding in far more capabilities to the unit than people assumed would be included. But since few have even seen the console in action, we have yet to determine what it can actually bring to the table. Here's hoping the company has something more to show off at E3 2019 as that will be one of the biggest conventions they could a major announcement at before the holidays and display what the processor can do.


AMD's all-new Ryzen embedded chip will be faster, cooler, and more efficient, allowing the Atari VCS to sport a simpler and more effective power architecture and thermal solution. The new processor includes built-in Ethernet, Native 4K video support with modern HDCP, and a secure frame buffer that fully-supports DRM video (Netflix, HBO, etc.).

"With the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 powering the Atari VCS, we can support the 4K 60fps HDR content that users expect from a modern, secure gaming and entertainment system," said Michael Arzt, COO of Atari Connected Devices. "AMD's new Ryzen Embedded SoC will also help protect the VCS' environment and content as we support an unprecedented open-access model that allows Atari's highly-creative community to install any other operating system side by side with the Atari OS."

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