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Atari Joins Forces With WonderOS For Cross-Platform Gaming

It looks like the Atari VCS will be able to do cross-platforming gaming after the company announces a new partnership with Wonder The company announced a new partnership today that will bring the WonderOS to their upcoming console, which will allow for cross-platform works Meaning, for example, if Epic Games releases Fortnite on this console,[...]

Apparently You Can Play "Fortnite" On The Atari VCS

The Atari VCS is on the way, and as a demonstration of what it can do, the devs decided to show you it can play Fortnite without issues The console is due to be released this Spring, and while there's been talk of what it can do, we haven't seen too many games appear on[...]

The Atari VCS Officially Enters Pre-Production

Atari announced today that they have officially put the Atari VCS into pre-production ahead of the first wave of backer-supported shipments in December The word came down from an article on Medium, where they give a breakdown of the construction of the modules and how they've been designed It's an interesting look at how these[...]

We Got A Better Look At The Atari VCS During E3 2019

We Got A Better Look At The Atari VCS During E3 2019

For over a year we've wanted to see what exactly would be going on with the Atari VCS in person, and during E3 2019, we finally got the chance For some reason, Atari decided they didn't want to be on the E3 floor either and only held private meetings to check out a fully functional[...]

Atari Partners With PowerA For VCS Peripherals

Atari Partners With PowerA For VCS Peripherals

This morning, Atari made the announcement that they were partnering with PowerA to create peripherals for the Atari VCS leading up to its launch Medium had the complete exclusive today in which they detailed the two different controllers being made for the console The first being the classic joystick we all love and remember, only[...]

Atari's VCS Will Be Powered By AMD's New Ryzen Processor

Here's hoping the company has something more to show off at E3 2019 as that will be one of the biggest conventions they could a major announcement at before the holidays and display what the processor can do.[caption id="attachment_813233" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Atari[/caption] AMD’s all-new Ryzen embedded chip will be faster, cooler, and more efficient, allowing the[...]

Atari VCS Gets Pushed to Late 2019 But Will Get Upgrades

Atari has some bittersweet news for people waiting for the Atari VCS, as the console will be getting some improvements but will be pushed back into late 2019 It's been an interesting but quiet ride for the new console coming from one of the original gaming companies on the planet, but in a new blog[...]

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Rob Wyatt Officially Joins the Atari VCS Team

Atari has decided to bring on some new blood with experience as the team welcomed Rob Wyatt to the Atari VCS team today Wyatt was originally the System Architect behind the first Xbox, as well as one of the designers of the PS3's graphics systems, which makes him a valuable addition to work on the[...]

Atari VCS Now Available for Pre-Order on IndieGoGo

[caption id="attachment_813233" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Atari[/caption]Atari has announced that its new Atari VCS hardware platform is now available for pre-order exclusively on Indiegogo Two different VCS models are available for pre-order: the Atari VCS Day One Collector's Edition which features a retro-inspired real wood-front and the Atari VCS Onyx which has a glossy black face and[...]

Atari Announces VCS Pre-Sale on Indiegogo in Late May

Atari announced this morning that they would officially start a pre-sale of their upcoming console, the Atari VCS, which would kick off on Indiegogo starting on May 30th We also have a better idea of why the system has a couple different looks as the wood-front version is going to be the Collector’s Edition, while[...]

The Atari VCS Console will Run Linux OS to Keep that Atari Homebrew Feel

Now, the re-branded Atari VCS was supposed to launch back in December 2017, but was delayed for a "number of factors" however, the company plans to be much more open about the console's development process in the coming months While the console probably won't be releasing anytime soon, Atari Connect COO Michael Arzt was on-site at[...]

Atari Finally Unveils Their New Gaming Console: Atari VCS

After months of not seeing anything beyond the primary console, Atari finally revealed the full look and details of their latest gaming console, the Atari VCS In case you're wondering, the VCS stands for Video Computer System, both as a nod to past PC names and to accurately describe what this system is Dropping the "Ataribox" name,[...]