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Atari VCS Launches Over A Dozen New Games For The Platform
Atari has announced a new set of video game titles being released today for the Atari VCS, as players now have over a dozen new games The console has slowly been building up its library of third party titles, classic remakes, old-school libraries, and app services that bring a ton of content to the VCS[...]
Atari VCS Officially Launches Flashback Fridays Series
Atari has launched a brand new series for the Atari VCS as players can now experience Flashback Fridays every week Every Friday, the company will be adding a couple of classic titles from their massive retro library to be downloaded for $3 each This week they revealed that the first two games to be a[...]
Atari VCS Has Enables Direct Access To All Major Cloud Game Services
Atari announced this week that they have opened up the Atari VCS to allow access to all major cloud gaming services on their console Those who own one can now access the various cloud platforms directly from their dashboard, as they have routed access through the baked-in Chrome functionality Right now you can download and[...]
Atari Will Be Making A Food Fight Remake For The VCS
Atari revealed this week that they are currently working on a remake of the classic arcade game Food Fight, set for the Atari VCS The company will be working with Mega Cat Studios to bring about a modern version of the game for players to enjoy, which by the sound of things will be a[...]
Atari Highlights Three Indie Games Coming To The Atari VCS
At long last, after two years of waiting since we first saw the console in person, we have a retail release date for the Atari VCS The retail date will be June 15th, 2021, just two weeks away According to the company, the Onyx Base systems start at $300, while Black Walnut and Onyx All-In[...]
Atari Highlights Three Indie Games Coming To The Atari VCS
The crew behind the Atari VCS announced three new indie video games being added to the new gaming console The three games that have been added are D/Generation, Jetboard Joust, and Utopos, all of which are recent titles so they are some of the more prominent games that are not retro Atari games The team[...]
Atari Highlights Three Indie Games Coming To The Atari VCS
Insyde Software revealed today in a press release they have been working with the Atari VCS to help make it run We got a bit of the press release below along with some quotes to go over what exactly they've been doing with Atari, but the shorthand is that their own firmware, InsydeH2O UEFI BIOS,[...]
Atari Highlights Three Indie Games Coming To The Atari VCS
Atari took time this week to highlight three indie games that will be making their way over to their new console, the Atari VCS We've been hearing a lot about the additions coming to the console like streaming services and game libraries you can access online, but not a ton about actual games that will[...]
Liquid Media Signs New Distribution Deal With Atari
According to the brief tidbits presented about the deal, it will bring SlipStream, Liquid's video-on-demand distribution platform, to the Atari VCS as a downloadable app for people to view content through the console SlipStream primarily has outdoor content featuring people going off on nature adventures or exploring parts of the world in their natural form[...]
CD Projekt Red Will Bring "Cyberpunk 2077" To Gamescom 2019
Apparently, you can play Cyberpunk 2077 on the Atari VCS There's a lot more to this than just a simple "yeah, it works" kind of thing First off, the only people who currently have an Atari VCS are the people who backed the program to have the console made in the first place, so the[...]
Atari Reveals Google Chrome Will Be The Atari VCS Built-In Browser
The Atari VCS will be getting Google Chrome added to the OS as it will be the built-in browser for the upcoming console The reveal came this morning from the company as they will integrate the browser as part of the search options and browsing method, as well as other aspects of Google's system of[...]
Atari Announces First Atari VCS Original Game With Neko Ghost, Jump!
Atari has finally started announcing original titles that will be released for the Atari VCS and they've started with a new platformer Developed by Burgos Games and utilizing the Game Jolt service, the first game officially revealed for the console is called Neko Ghost, Jump! This is a fun 3D platformer in which we finally[...]
Atari Unveils Vault Of 100 Games Optimized For The Atari VCS
This morning, Atari revealed a list of 100 games from their vault that have been optimized for the Atari VCS and its two controllers All 100 games are classic titles from the company's past, many of them released as arcade hits before they came to come consoles They will be released in two different packs[...]
Atari Has Partnered With Ultra To Add Games & Services To Atari VCS
Atari has announced another partnership with an online platform as they will be bringing Ultra to the Atari VCS If you're not familiar with the service, it's basically a one-stop-shop for gamers to browse indie titles as well as games exclusive to the platform for people who don't have the cash or don't feel like[...]
Atari Announces Partnership With Plex For The Atari VCS
Atari has announced another new partnership for the Atari VCS as Plex will be coming to the new gaming platform As we slowly wind toward the official release of the console this November, we've been seeing the company make more moves toward including third-party services that allow players to either access digital material and load[...]