Azerion Will Distribute Several Classic Microsoft Casual Games

Azerion made a weird little reveal this past week as they will be releasing several classic Microsoft casual games. For anyone that's owned a PC since the '90s, everyone remembers there has been a small set of classic games include with pretty much every version of Windows since Windows 95. They're not the most intense or super elaborate games in the world, they're basically there as a casual game to help take your mind off things for a moment while you're working. Or, if you're a kid and you've beat everything else you own, you can challenge the computer and your own skills in mindless hours of FreeCell. Over time, however, those games have changed and some have been retired from the latest version of Windows 10. Well, a new collection is on the way which will include titles like MahjongJigsawBubble Shooter, Crosswords, Sudoku, and more.

Azerion Will Distribute Several Classic Microsoft Casual Games
Credit: Azerion

The pack will also include Microsoft's Solitaire Collection, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. This is a weird collection of titles that a lot of old-school PC players and office workers will want. We have a couple of quotes below about the new pack as we hope they get that weird pinball title Full Tilt in there.

"We are very proud of having a giant of the industry trusting us to distribute their games to millions of players around the world and to extend the desktop experience to an online cross-platform one," says Erol Erturk, Executive VP Games & Strategic Partnerships at Azerion. "Microsoft's casual games portfolio is timeless, recognized by players of different age groups, and we are looking forward to launching the games in the GameDistribution network."

"For Microsoft Casual Games, the Azerion network of sites represents an opportunity to scale globally with the most efficient investment in integration," says Frank Cartwright, Microsoft Casual Games Program Manager.

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