Beadle & Grimm's First Kickstarter Funded In 12 Minutes For Pathfinder

This week, Beadle & Grimm's launched their first-ever Kickstarter for a brand new Pathfinder project, and it's already been funded. The company launched a crowdfunding page for the Pathfinder 2E Complete Character Chronicles, which is a pretty awesome concept as they have made a unique product that tabletop RPG fans will love. The item is part rulebook, part journal, and party character sheet, all rolled into one booklet for you to keep at all times. So rather than darting back and forth between sheets and books and failing to write down anything in a journal (especially for those of us who hate note taking to begin with), you now have everything in one booklet you can own. Pretty genius, right? This first-of-its-kind tome was been crafted for Pathfinder 2E, where you'll choose your character class in advance when you purchase the book so it matches up with everything you need.

A look at the new Character Chronicles books for Pathfinder, courtesy of Beadle & Grimm's.
A look at the new Character Chronicles books for Pathfinder, courtesy of Beadle & Grimm's.

When the project launched this week they were looking for $25k. They were fully funded within 12 minutes of launching, and as of when we're writing this, they currently have $47k with a month left to go. Which isn't too shocking to us. Back in 2018 at the second D&D Live event where Beadle & Grimm's first made their appearance and showed off the first Platinum Edition for the Waterdeep campaign, we were sitting backstage watching the livestream for the first day as they made the reveal. Within 5 minutes we were told they had already made their first sale, and by day's end, it sounded like they knew they had a hot property at the time. So we're not at all shocked Beadle & Grimm's did so well. Now we're just waiting out the rest of the next month's worth of time to see how well this one does.

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