Bézier Games Adds Two New Titles To The Maglev Metro Lineup

Bézier Games recently revealed two new additions coming to the Maglev Metro series of games as we're getting Moonbases and Mars. As seen in the previous Mechs, Monorails, London, and Paris map expansions, these two will take the game in totally new areas as you head into space to create metro lines on the moon and the closest planet that might be able to sustain life. Each version has its own little tweaks, but they roughly play out the same for some fun with friends getting around the planet. No release date was confirmed beyond the fact they're coming out in 2022. Here's some added info from the team about both games.

Bézier Games Adds Two New Titles To The Maglev Metro Lineup
Credit: Bézier Games

Moonbases: Magnetic Levitation is the technology of choice for extra-terrestrial transportation, and your job is to build a network of intricate maglev rails to assist in creating a lunar vacation destination!

  • Create your own personal Moonbase where passengers arrive from Earth, even if your train is elsewhere.
  • Move four times as far, up to 16 stations when the action is maxed out for no extra cost.
  • Use new Brake and Reverse technology to make picking up and dropping off passengers faster and more efficient than ever.
  • Build track to connect to your your opponents' moonbases in order to pick up their passengers.

Mars: Maglev technology has enabled powerful ships arriving at Mars to build a colony there. The thin atmosphere and canals make building tracks a challenge, but the rewards for setting up a launch site to neighboring moons Phobos and Deimos make it all worthwhile!

  • Zip around the planet by building track all the way around it, instantly going from one side of the map to the other.
  • Use the new Launch action to send your train up above the atmosphere and deliver passengers to both Phobos and Deimos.
  • No need for reverse on Mars, as your train moves backwards and forwards.
  • Canyons are expensive to build on but provide access to critical stations, including the central launch station.

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