Black Gold Receives A Game Announcement Trailer

RockGame S.A. revealed their latest sim game on the way as they showed off an announcement trailer for Black Gold. As you might suspect from the name, the game will have you playing as an oilman, much like you would see from the film There Will Be Blood, only without the acting. You'll handle everything about running an oil rig and building up a small little empire as you make money off drilling, back in the old days of oil mining. The game doesn't have a release window at the moment, so no idea if this will even come out in 2021. But you can enjoy the trailer and the info on it below as we wait for more info.

Looks like we found some of that Texas Tea! Courtesy of RockGame S.A.
Looks like we found some of that Texas Tea! Courtesy of RockGame S.A.

Black Gold is a first person management simulator game where you take your place in the race for money. You are the one responsible for your success: decide who work for you, choose where you put your first steps and control how well your oil wells run. You will need a lot of hands to work efficiently. Choose people who will work for you and remember that every character has different attributes – watch closely who is worth extra salary and who can ruin your business. Create orders and assign duties for your workers. You can leave them work, help them and manage them, or perform tasks on your own. Before you will start extracting petroleum, you must build a drilling rig. Build as high derrick as you can and drill into the ground even further! Beware of any obstacles that can occur on your way to obtain great wealth. The greatest danger hides underground – intense pressure might create oil gusher that will blow up your oil derricks, efforts and money. After you sell your first crude oil barrel, your wallet will grow quickly. Spend money to discover new technology, enlarge your workplace, buy new machines or upgrade them.

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