Breaking Games Announces New Board Game Titles For Retail

Breaking Games announced this week that they are releasing three new board games for retail, including a major family version. The three games coming to a local game shop or box store near you are Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition Glow in the Dark edition; Café Chaos by TheOdd1sOut, and a brand-new game called PANDO. All three are aimed at getting people together more now that we're finding our way through the pandemic and social gatherings are picking up in safe ways. We got more info about all three games as they hit shelves this month, as well as a brief word from the company on these releases.

Breaking Games Announces New Board Game Titles For Retail
Credit: Breaking Games

"Breaking Games has always been known for working with top indie game designers to bring unusual, quirky, highly re-playable tabletop games to the public, but we also bring those flavors to our mass market games as well – especially with Cards Against Humanity and Café Chaos," said Shari Spiro, CEO and founder of Breaking Games. "Along with the new PANDO game, we are releasing titles this month in top national retailers that are challenging, interesting and highly interactive. We offer the ability to actually connect with someone in a fun and memorable way – an element many have sorely missed during the pandemic and in today's tech-heavy environment."

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition Glow in the Dark: A game for mature kids and immature adults, this expansion pack was written from scratch by the creators of Cards Against Humanity to be fun for kids and adults to play together. The game is simple: one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone answers with their funniest white card.  The Glow in the Dark box contains 300 hilarious cards, such as "Snot rockets" and "Farting into a saxophone." The game box glows in the dark and has a special bonus surprise inside. Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition is needed to play with the Glow in the Dark expansion.

  • MSRP: $20.00
  • Game Type: Family/Family Party
  • Fun Fact: 300 parent-approved cards to mix into your set of Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition, including cards written by actual kids.

Café Chaos: Get ready for the most chaotic food fight where players throw epic food combos like Moldy Double Deep Fried Couch Cushion Candy. Have the fewest splat points at the end to reign supreme. Players get a character card with unique abilities, action cards and cards from the main deck. Choose actions wisely and give opponents splat points by throwing crazy food at them.

  • MSRP: $25.00
  • Game Type: Kids/Family
  • Fun Fact: Cafe Chaos is the newest game designed by James from TheOdd1sOut. Featuring new and familiar characters, fans all over love TheOdd1sOut, the popular YouTube channel with more than 17 million subscribers.

PANDO: A brand-new IP, PANDO is simple, effective and much-needed in today's tech-focused world – especially as we start to emerge from the pandemic. Each round, players compete to see who knows the most random facts about the other players. PANDO is the cure for the common party game, the antidote for uncomfortable gatherings. No pencils, no paper, no scorecards.

  • MSRP: $25.00
  • Game Type: Party/Family Party
  • Fun Fact: Contains 914 trivia questions about your personal life. Nope, we didn't read your journal.

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