Caboose Calls Out YouTube For Unfair "Mortal Kombat 11" Treatment

There seems to be some controversy on YouTube when it comes to the demonetization of Mortal Kombat 11 content, and one of the more prominent players is calling it out. Caboose is a gamer and content creator on the platform who specializes in fighting games, and ever since MK11 came out, that's been his primary source of content on the channel. Today he loaded a brand new video up showing off some of his skills with the crimson Scorpion costume he got playing in the Kombat League. But the main focus of the video wasn't on his online gameplay, it was on how YouTube has been treating creators who load content for the game.

Caboose Calls Out YouTube For Unfair "Mortal Kombat 11" Treatment
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You can watch the video here as he calls out YouTube for demonetizing Mortal Kombat 11 videos almost immediately when they're uploaded with no reason given, only to be monetized again 24-48 hours later after the initial video has run its course and people have moved onto something new, thereby devaluing the amount of money he could have earned from the video. And that he's not the only creator going through this.

While it is a terrible position to be in, this isn't anything new as YouTube has slowly been killing off the profitability of gaming content on their platform for over two years now. As cited in Caboose's video, Game Theory did a video themselves about a week ago talking about this very topic in a much wider scope. The video was one of the highest trending on YouTube for a minute there as well, but the company has remained silent on many of the issues that have been brought up. We'll see if YouTube actually decides to respond to this (especially since we've sent a few emails over the years asking about this topic in several instances and have yet to hear back about any of it), or if they keep quiet as usual.

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