Call Of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone Now Running Rebirth Of The Dead

Activision has offered up a survival guide to Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone players for the latest event, Rebirth Of The Dead. The event throws you onto an island full of zombies who have one goal and one goal only on their minds: tearing you to shreds. To help you out while it's currently running, the team put together an explanation of what's going on and offered up their own version of a survival guide for the mode. This includes commentary from Marc-André Gagné, Senior Expert System Designer at Beenox, who helped work on the mode and offered up some info on what you can do to make it to the end. You can read a snippet of it below as we have the full guide here.

The glowing eyes never make a Call Of Duty game settling. Courtesy of Activision.
The glowing eyes never make a Call Of Duty game settling. Courtesy of Activision.

Along with adding a new way for Zombies to become human again, Beenox had three priorities for this new twist on the previous Zombie Royale mode:

"One, we wanted to increase the opportunities for interactions between Operator and Zombies teammates," Gagné explained. "Number two was to increase the number of opportunities for players to return to the match. We wanted to keep the party going longer. And third, we wanted to increase the number of Zombies in play at once to get that feeling of truly having your back to the wall against a horde. The last two points are what inspired us to come up with the Infestation Mechanic."

Infestation brings the spirit of a late-round Zombies rush to Warzone, as Operators may need to fight off dozens of recently respawned Zombies to survive long enough for the final circles. In Rebirth of the Dead, the player HUD includes an Infestation meter. It gets filled as zombies are killed. Once it is full, the Infestation event begins. At the start of an Infestation, every spectator — Zombies who were KIA — will be respawned. This gives an "extra afterlife" to players who may have gotten eliminated early from the game.

The other event during Rebirth of the Dead is the Medical Supplies event. As its name implies, this event deposits Medical Supplies containing Syringes and high-rarity gear around the map. Operators can crack them open for their Zombified squadmates. Other than these differences, the rules of Rebirth of the Dead are like a standard Mini Royale: the circle collapse waits for no Operator or Zombie, although the latter can move through the gas, and the last surviving squad wins.

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