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Hello there, Magic: The Gathering fans and Commander players new and experienced alike! It's been a tough month and "March, March, March!" hasn't quite gone as fantastically as anticipated, but don't think I've forgotten about that aspect of the month.

To be frank, I was conflicted about submitting this specific deck tech to Bleeding Cool's annals at the time I was originally going to (March 7th) because it dealt with a character who is not only wearing a crown but is practically the crown. The whole thing with COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus, so-called because of its crowned viral tips) proliferating like mad made me reconsider, but now I think we are at a stage where we can muse about it more safely.

I was planning on giving you fighters in increasingly-organized ranks, and culminate with a Noble, the one on the very top of the chain of command. So, today I'm concluding my "March, March, March!" Commander series (ideally, until next year!). For now, the deck tech I'm giving you all today is one for Brago, King Eternal.

Brago King Eternal art mtg
Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Source: Wizards of the Coast

The decklist as I'd envisioned it about three or so weeks ago can be found here.

The deck is a fairly typical Brago deck. It focused on enters-the-battlefield effects and ways to exploit them. The deck is a bit on the Stax-y angle, meaning it will slow opponents down, disable them heavily, and perhaps even aggravate them. Wield this deck carefully, and among people whose sense of gameplay is not going to make you lose friends!

Notable Inclusions

Strionic Resonator mtg card
Source: Wizards of the Coast

Strionic Resonator and Sol Ring: Normally I would not consider a card like Sol Ring an inclusion that's "notable" by any stretch of the imagination. So many people use Sol Rings in their decks that it really shouldn't matter to players that I mention the inclusion. However, with Strionic Resonator (and any number of enters-the-battlefield or leaves-the-battlefield additional triggers, or mana-producing artifacts), the card is vital to any Brago deck worth it's salt.

The combo works as such:

  • When Brago hits any opponent, use Strionic Resonator with the Sol Ring to pay for it. A copy of Brago's triggered ability goes on the stack atop the original.
  • When the copy resolves anything you blink returns untapped (which ought to include the Resonator and the Ring).
  • Rinse and repeat after your other enters-the-battlefield triggers go off, or you tap additional mana rocks for endless mana of the types you can produce safely (recognize that the mana can only be used during the combat step, but that's not entirely useless.)
Rishadan Cutpurse mtg card
Source: Wizards of the Coast

Rishadan Pirates: Rishadan Cutpurse, Rishadan Footpad, and Rishadan Brigand are enormously-taxing creatures for your opponents to deal with. They literally tax each creature your opponents control, and, when combined with the above combo, will clear your opponent's board of creatures.

Hunted Lammasu mtg card
Source: Wizards of the Coast

Hunted Phantasm and Hunted Lammasu: This is where we can get tricky. With a card that can either steal opposing creatures or make your opponent regret having tokens enter play, the Hunted creatures turn from borderline-terrible to competent inclusions in this deck.

Agent of Treachery art mtg
Source: Wizards of the Coast

Agent of Treachery: Speaking of stealing things, Agent of Treachery does exactly that. You will be able to turn that theft into extreme draw power with the Agent as well, but with the amount of draw it can provide, you'll need to make sure you don't mill yourself out.

In Conclusion

I know a thing or two about Brago decks – I helped my friend make one as his first foray into Commander back around 2014 or 2015, and I've faced off against decks far scarier headed by Brago as well. This build is a bit tame in terms of speed, but once it gets to a point where it can break the game, it can debilitate opponents.

What do you think of this build? Is it strong? Is it fun? Let us know your opinions!

Brago King Eternal mtg card
Source: Wizards of the Coast

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