You Can Now Buy Jason Kills As DLC In 'Friday The 13th: The Game'

It appears Illfonic and Gun Media have found a new way to make some extra cash on Friday The 13th: The Game beyond just offering a bunch of random add-ons for counselors. This week, the game has made several Jason kills available for purchase at a cool $3 for DLC. There are three different kills you can purchase at the moment, which includes the Throat Slit (pretty self-explanatory), the Kneecapper (which is a mighty gruesome hockey-esq move), and the Slam & Gut (which we're not going to describe, you just need to go find it and see it).

Friday The 13th

There is a catch to all of this that will depress the hell out of many of you: You can only perform these three kills as Jason from Friday the 13th Part IV. SO unless you're really on board with wanting to upgrade that particular version of Jason, it probably isn't worth the $3 to purchase and download them. Now if the developers change this and make it so that any incarnation of Jason can make these kills, then it would be well worth spending the DLC. In the meantime, we'll have to wait and see if they add any new kills that can be used by the other versions.

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