Predator Huting Grounds Arnold Square

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Coming To Predator: Hunting Grounds

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Illfonic both revealed today, along with Arnold himself on Twitter, that Dutch will be headed to the game as a playable character What's more, Schwarzenegger did all of the voice work for the character, so you'll be hearing a mix of iconic lines as well as some brand new content as[...]

Sony Debuts "Predator: Hunting Grounds" During State Of Play

During the State Of Play livestream this week, we got a brand new look at IllFonic's next game that they'll be publishing, Predator: Hunting Grounds The game appears to be a one-vs-everyone type of game that uses the Predator franchise as the foundation Either you hunt down and kill all the humans, or they put[...]

"Friday the13th: The Game" Nintendo Switch

Friday the 13th: The Game Slashes Its Way to Nintendo Switch This Spring

Jason Voorhees is back to terrorize a new generation of fans on the Nintendo Switch in Friday The 13th: The Game, 30 years after the 1989 NES original from Atlus.[caption id="attachment_997118" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Nintendo[/caption]The 2017 game developed by Illfonic & Black Tower Studios and published by Gun Media is a game started on Kickstarter in[...]

Friday the 13th: The Game Gets a New Developer For Maintenance

With all the problems caused by the Friday The 13th lawsuit, Gun Media and IllFonic's multiplayer Friday the 13th: The Game was one of the casualties that had to end The company wasn't ordered to shut the game down, but all production on updates and further DLC was halted, which left IllFonic in a spot where[...]

Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game is Getting a Collector's Edition

It appears Gun Media and IllFonic are saying goodbye to Friday the 13th: The Game in the best way possible with a Collector's Edition After basically being told that the company couldn't create any new content for the game while the lawsuit over the rights continues and never seems to end, it looks like they both[...]

Friday The 13th: The Game Devs Confirm An End to Content

Sad news for fans of Friday The 13th: The Game, as Gun Media confirmed yesterday they can no longer make content for the game. Due to the ever-growing legal battle over the rights to the franchise and its name, the indie multiplayer survival horror game has now been caught in the tangled web and been told […]

Friday the 13th: The Game Players Accessed Jason X's Skin Early… Again

Jason X is probably one of the biggest abominations to the entire Friday the 13th franchise. How can we make Jason even scarier for modern audiences? Hey, let's shoot him into space and make him look like the Super Shredder. Because that's what you did in early '00s horror: be tacky. Back in February of this […]

Friday The 13th: The Game has Weapon Swapping at a High Level

Hey, kids! Do you enjoy level grinding in video games? I hope so, because that's the only way to unlock a very special ability in Friday The 13th: The Game and the developers made it that way on purpose. You may recall a while back that Gun Media teased us with the idea of having […]

Friday The 13th: The Game Adding More Mechanics to Make You Jason

Have you ever had an entire night of playing Friday The 13th: The Game where you're just a camp counselor and it seems everyone else ends up being Jason the entire session? Turns out that's more common than you think, and Gun Media has heard your complaints. On Thursday, one of Gun Media's community leaders posted […]

Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th: The Game Adding Color Variants for Jason

For the fashionably conscious players who don't like running around Friday The 13th: The Game in just your standard pair of blue overalls and jumpsuits, the devs are going to give you some color options for at least one character. After hearing from fans that they don't like the way the Jason 5 "Roy" variant was dressed, […]

Friday The 13th: The Game Teases Jason Weapon Swapping

This week, Gun Media released a brand new trailer and some notes about an upcoming feature to be added to Friday The 13th: The Game, which will allow anyone playing as Jason to swap between weapons no matter what skin you are using. The purpose of which is to add more variety to the game and […]

Friday the 13th Shows off its New Single Player Challenges in Latest Video

Gun Media's Friday the 13th game had a bit of a rough start, but the main criticism focused around the lack of single-player, offline play for those simply looking to hack-and-slash their way through awful teenagers. Gun Media later revealed that a single player mode was in the works as a free DLC, just later on in […]

Friday The 13th: The Game Reveals Single Player Mode With New Trailer

Making more strides to keep the game fresh, Gun Media have released a brand new trailer this week showing off the single-player mode for Friday The 13th: The Game. Now while the footage below shows that it is a "work in progress", the premise for what it will entail is pretty simple as you play different […]

friday the 13th the game

Friday the 13th: The Game Adds New Jason Skin, Map, and Buffs

Illfonic heard your cries about how broken parts of Friday the 13th: The Game are and has decided to rectify that as best it can Below is a snippet from a forum thread in which the developers have improved Jason to be much more menacing.On top of that, we have a new trailer for new[...]

'Friday The 13th: The Game' Dev Gives An Update On Content

Sitting on the game's official forum, a developer for Friday The 13th: The Game let people know that there were no plans to release new content for November and that there's nothing set in stone for next month either, followed by "The only hint we can provide right now is this: check the planned content road […]

"Paranoia" Mode Coming Soon To 'Friday The 13th: The Game'

The trailer below doesn't offer much, but there's a new mode coming to Friday The 13th: The Game called "Paranoia". The mode falls in line with the weird eight circles promos that were shown a few months ago by the developers with no idea of where they fit into the game. If you believe the […]

Friday The 13th

You Can Now Buy Jason Kills As DLC In 'Friday The 13th: The Game'

It appears Illfonic and Gun Media have found a new way to make some extra cash on Friday The 13th: The Game beyond just offering a bunch of random add-ons for counselors This week, the game has made several Jason kills available for purchase at a cool $3 for DLC There are three different kills[...]

'Friday The 13th: The Game' Will Have No Story Arc In Single Player

So when it was announced by IllFonic and gun Media that Friday The 13th would be getting a single-player mode, naturally we assumed it would be following the film series Unfortunately, we were wrong.The developers posted a quick note about the single-player option on the game's official website, calling the mode "Challenges" The short version:[...]

The "Virtual Cabin" Explained For 'Friday The 13th: The Game'

Well, the cabin is getting a makeover and IllFonic have posted a short message to let you know what the new cabin will have in store The new cabin will be accessible via every platform, and not just the Kickstarter backers who received the original cabin (which they get to keep), along with some new additions[...]