You Can Relive 2004 As A Teenager With 'Lost Memories Dot Net'

Ah, 2004. The year of Anchorman, American Idiot, MySpace, and the end of Friends. …Don't you feel old now? Anyway, that's not the point of this. There's a cool little indie dev game that's totally free to play online that might make a few of you happy and many others woefully aware of what the internet used to be like before everyone had Snapchat and YouTube to broadcast their problems.

You Can Relive 2004 As A Teenager With 'Lost Memories Dot Net'

The game is called Lost Memories Dot Net, which is a part of the set of games for online play, or you can download it to play on your PC. It's a storyline based game that puts you at the desk of a 14-year-old blogger who is caught in the middle of junior high drama as she's one-third of a love triangle. The game was created by Nina Freeman, who also made a couple indie titles you might recognize in Cibele and Kimmy.

We're not going to spoil the game for you, especially since it is story-based and giving away what we already have is a little more than what you would get from the description. But if you're looking for a nice throwback game that has some deep and personal connections to it (like Emily Is Away), then this is for you.

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