CastleStorm II Has Now Been Delayed Until Fall 2020

This week, Zen Studios announced that they were going to be pushing back the release of CastleStorm II to the Fall of 2020. For a while it seems like this one was going to go off without a hitch as the testing phase had its run and there didn't seem to be any new complications. The game was originally scheduled to come out next week on July 31st, but as you can see from the message they left on their website, the team is going to be taking more time to get it right. Here's the full message from the devs.

CastleStorm II will now come out sometime in the Fall of 2020, courtesy of Zen Studios.
CastleStorm II will now come out sometime in the Fall of 2020, courtesy of Zen Studios.

We are taking some extra time to calibrate catapults with the aim of delivering the best possible release for the 4X genre mashup. Castlestorm II will be receiving a slight delay to this Fall on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Epic Games Store. The decision to delay was made with the intention of making sure each version of Castlestorm II is up to the standards of the team as we look forward to delivering an exciting sequel to the 4X mashup series. CastleStorm II is our charming, cartoonish, multigenre mashup featuring ballista-based castle-bashing, tower defense, hack-n-slash, and the newly added element of conquest with both real-time and turn-based strategy. Check out the June release date trailer and the new Dan Bull rap to get a visual and aesthetic peek!

They left out exactly what they were working on, as we're guessing this isn't a case of everything in the game needing to be repaired or fixed and it probably comes down to an issue or two. No official release date was set for the fall either, so now it's basically a wait-and-see game. We're guessing September is the earliest we'll hear about a new date.

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